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According to Johnson, the most serious effect of poverty is hopelessness for the young. A young person that lives a life in poverty is one who grows up in a broken home, with no descent education, surrounded by a hostile, squalid environment, faces racial discrimination, and lives in ill health. This young man or woman lacks the skills required to survive in a complex society. Moreover, he or she does not know how he can acquire the desired skills. Consequently, he despairs and loses initiative, ambition, and energy.

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The war on poverty will give people a chance to develop their skills and use them to their capacity, to share and contribute to achieve the American dream. It will be an investment in the skills and strengths of the American people. Johnson argues that history proves that each time America gives people a chance to produce and consume, a new industry is created. This leads to higher production and higher earnings. Providing new opportunities for those who earn little enriches the lives of the rest of the population. Johnson maintains that the war will benefit all the American citizens since every time we broaden the base of abundance and give new opportunities to those that have little it enriches lives of all.

With the ever-increasing rates of poverty in the U.S., the country needs to start a war on poverty. According to a CNN report, more than 46 million people in the U.S. live in poverty; a 15.1% increase from 2009. However, the nation has not yet taken this step. This is due to the laxity of the politicians on this matter since the poor vote in low rates, and they do not contribute to campaign funds. Most Republicans tend to avoid this issue, because they feel that the government has no way of solving it. The Democrats avoid it for the fear of the political consequences; they can be tagged as liberals.

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