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Free «Frost and his Poem ‘Never Again Would Bird’s Song Be the Same» Essay Sample

Frost in his poem ‘Never again would bird’s song be the same,’ creates a tone that gives a close relationship between Eve and the birds, between the first human beings and the current generation, the fallen and the unfallen world. This gives the audience an image of human history and a world that is habitable. This poem, therefore, establishes a delineation, which may result into a blur between them. Frost, in his poem employs a little of sarcasm, especially as portrayed in the first and the sixth line.

There is also a slight sense of irony, he says that Eve’s eloquence ‘could only have had an influence on birds’ this is, however, smoothened in line ten ‘be that as may be’ and ‘moreover’ in line eleven. We also experience a kind of transition in terms of the setting. Where we are taken from ‘garden round’ as in the poem’s second line to ‘the woods’ in line eleven. The tone used in the poem shows timelessness, there is an indication of the speaker being in connection with the first beings, with the current generation, and in the future. He accepts the consequences of Adam and Eve’s fall together with all the benefits, which were achieved there after. It is therefore evident that, because we can hear Eve’s ‘daylong’ voice, our voice just like those in the poem, carries part of the difficult history of the first parents.



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The poem ‘The colonel,’ is unique in its structure and language. First, it reveals literal dismemberment and torture. This is revealed publicly as portrayed by the dry human ears, which the Colonel poured on the dinning table. The poet strains to hear the voices that are crying out in the poem. On the other hand, the human ears that the poet describes here also listen. This is evident when he said, "some of the ears on the floor caught the scrap of his voice." The body parts of the victims who were tortured are seen to be the witnesses. The poet uses various stylistic devices in this poem, which include irony. The fact that the body parts, which were dismembered act as witnesses reveals irony in the statement that ‘there are no holes of oblivion’ big enough that can be used to bury the victims who were tortured and those who faced mass murder. One man who will survive will later tell the story.

Although we find that the ears are dead and dry, there is an aspect where they, together with the poet, listen to what is happening. The persona feels dizzy and sick on encountering this. The persona in the poem sees all that happens and clearly reveals a state of wealth and violence. He does not only express the relationship between oppression and the lifestyle of the rich people but also the reflective banality that such people will receive. This violence is depicted by the broken bottles which are mounted on the walls ‘to scoop a man’s kneecaps or cut his hands to lace’ the voice of this statement is geared towards shedding of blood and, hence, violence.

Colloquial language has also been dominantly used. The poet says ‘the Colonel’s windows are grated like those in liquor stores’, he also says, ‘a golden bell calls the maid, the maid brings green mangoes’ he also used repetition to show emphasis. There is also an aspect of American violence and greed, the cop-show in the TV was shown in English. Hissing rhymes are other stylistic devices used in this poem. In the sentence endings we have words like "house, English, house, lace, stores, Spanish, terrace, this, faces, themselves, voice” among other monosyllables found in the closing lines.

He successfully employs imagery when he says’ "Some of the ears on the floor were pressed to the ground." This is a way, which shows that being pressed on the ground; they could clearly listen to what was going on. He also used similes, he gives a comparison of the ears with peach halves when he says’ the ears are like dried peach halves’ this give the author’s experience and brings a sense of live to the reader. This is similar to the dried ears, which the colonel dropped into a glass of water.

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The persona gives her personal experience on historical, economic, and objective facts that surround the life of the Colonel. The colonel lives a luxurious life where he gives orders and things are done. He has power over his minors and that is the major reason why he can easily oppress other people.

In her poem’ What I like,’ Alice gives an incident of unhappiness that is of significance in the poets life. It is evident when she says ‘memoire, my lost childhood docks, a bottled ark in harbor.’ There is a sense of suffering, which the persona and her friends undergo. She says ‘we circle each other in a scared bolero, imagining stratagems.’ This shows that there was a form of oppression that these people were undergoing and due to the feeling of isolation and mistreat, she further says, ‘Cold convictions keep us solo’ referring to the distance of separation between the inner selves hence loneliness. Regardless of all the hard times that they are experiencing, the persona has the hope that there will be peace within them. She says that ‘..blow the first kiss, land it like the life-forces we feel.’ This is a sign of hope that happiness and a sense of life will come back to them as soon as oppression is overcome.

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From the three poems, the main similarity is the theme. All the poems have information on oppression and suffering. It has however, used different aspects to portray this. On the other hand, the difference exists on the stylistic devices that the poets have employed and the poem structures as a whole.


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