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The theme of identity is evident throughout the novel for instance Jane in the novel never had an idea of her true identity until the day she looked at herself in the mirror and discovered that she was black. Another instance that reveals the theme of identify is the fact that Jane never owned a set name as people kept calling her by different many names which served to conceal her true self since her childhood (Hurston, 23).Another instance in the novel where identify of Jane is also from the fact that she was never raised by her mother hence her inability to have knowledge of her family history and this is also supported by the fact that she also never new her father and this gives Jane no identity of her own. When Jane realizes that marriage doesn't mean presence of love she becomes a woman but still can't express herself as Joe denies her to and she is still has no grip of her identity. When she gains an identity of herself she unties her hair and this is the first time she gains grip of her identity in the novel. When Joe dies Jane is able to live her life freely and keep discovering herself more.

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Nature as a theme is portrayed in the novel for instance when Jane associates herself with  pear tree that grew in her Nanny's yard and she even wishes for the same experience in her life and even thinks of marriage as something like the one that exists between the tree and the bee. She often looks at the pear tree before making any decision and feels in touch with self when she is by the pear tree and this makes Jane understand nature like no other in the novel. She comes to realizes that Joe does not represent the blooming pear tree with singing bees and thus decides to marry him for change. Jane later in marriage realizes that it's not always about singing bees and appreciates Tea cake to represent what she had always yearned in her life and compares him to a bee to a blooming pear tree. All the representations of Jane life in form of trees and bees illustrate the theme of nature in the novel (Hurston, 13).

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Theme of voice is also evident in the novel and the first instance that illustrates voice is the fact that Jane's grand mother was born into slavery and therefore women were not allowed to voice their concerns and that is she wanted Jane to have freedom to voice herself out. Another incident of voice is after Joe is elected as the major and the people of Eatonville want Jane to make a speech but Joe cuts her off on the basis that she knows nothing (Hurston, 33). Joe never allowed Jane to speak to people and this worsened when their marriage hit the rocks. Contrary to Joe's actions the Tea cakes insists to Jane that she speaks her mind on what she really meant. Finally in Everglades Jane realizes that she can contribute to stories people tell because she has a voice there and her telling this story to Pheoby implies that she has had a firm grip of her ability to speak herself out well.

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