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Free «Romanticism in Two Emily Dickinson Poems» Essay Sample


Romanism literature carried themes that evoked or criticized the past, age of enlightenment including the cult of sensibility emphasizing on women and children, isolation of artist /narrator to respect the new, wild, untrammeled and pure nature. The era also involved writings based on occult or supernatural and human psychology and led to emergence of voices for the marginalized group. Writings of the era also brought out the writer metaphysical discontent with self and the rest of society.

American Romanism includes simplistic descriptions of fervent landscapes and the already-exotic mythicized frontier people and it was multifaceted as well as individualistic in nature. Romantic writings demonstrated a high level of moral enthusiasm, commitment to the unfolding self and individualism and often laid an emphasis on intuitive perception and assumed that natural worlds was inherently good while the human society was full of corruption.

The era favored those who wanted to break away from the strict religious traditions of the early settlements. The era gave writers a freedom to express their feelings more open and it usually privilege feeling over reason and involved rapturous response to nature and encouraged alienation from the rigid system. Romantic literature was intense and portrayed a lot of emotion as many would express themselves with less fear for creating a controversy and being ridiculed hence main characters showed extremes of excitement and sensitivity.



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Works done during the romantic era are diverse and unique but all have the following characteristics: a love fro nature, sense of supernatural/exoticism and a sense of nationalism. The simplicity of such characteristics is attributed to the fact they were written during a time of political turmoil which serves as the background of most romanticism. Writings of this era served as a catalyst to outpour the strong feelings at war time which then influenced art and literature. The era also saw a rise of female authors as war kept them at home and had to express their feelings as a cause for fighting though writings and literature.


The poem A Bird Came Down the Walk by Emily Dickinson shows a lot of romantic characteristics: fits the involves a simple description of a bird walking as the write observe it as it eats a angel worm and the display of fear it sense as a result of the writes presence and the graceful flying into the safety of the homely skies. Such description is a romantic style which involved description of nature in this poem the bird is a wild creature in nature being described.

In addition to that the writer describes the way the bird cuts the angel worm into halve and devouring it 'raw' and drinking water from the grass, by writer giving human trait to the bird implies the harsh and corrupted nature of human behavior and this is also supported by the way the bird looks around in fear when he senses the presence of the writer and the way its flying is described to be graceful and compared to swimming without splashing water hence the safety that the bird finds while in the sky away from human threats (Baym,2002).

The writer is very excited in the way he describes the way the bird behaves before and after noticing his presence as well as the final state of flight. Such description is very intense and expresses deep feeling which characterizes romantic literature where the write has freedom to express their feelings as the feel it.

In the poem Apparently with No Surprise the writer also intensity describes about the unfortunate beheading of a flower by the power of the frost and describes it as an act of assimilation. Also the act of sun proceeding unmoved is also described. Such human acts given to the frost is characteristic of romanticism. The idea of beheading the flower reveals the corruption that exists within the human society (Lundin, 345)Having belief that God will ultimately approve of barbaric acts of beheading and assassination of the flower implies that the writer belief in the existence of a supernatural being who is able who decides on destiny of every living thing and this is also a feature of romantic literature. Given the fact that the poem is a simple description of extermination of a flower by frost makes it's a description of a natural occurrence hence the romantic nature. It describes how causes of nature happen without inference by God as its destinies had already been defined.

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In both poems the writer shows all the basic characteristics of a romantic era literature which involves description of wild nature, the corrupted human society and the intense expression of individualistic feeling about a scenario.


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