Free «A Plan for A Report of Drug Trafficking» Essay Sample

Selling and the use of narcotics are a real problem in today’s society, not only at the local but also at the global level. Therefore, there is the need to research and find out the causes of this behavior, and the way it can be curbed. Therefore, the reports will highlight different issues associated with the use and trafficking of narcotics and other related crimes such as terrorism. In fact, research has shown that drug cartels have a close relationship with terrorism (Webster, 2007). On receiving the report, antinarcotics agencies in the country that are in charge of antidrug trafficking program will be in a position to come up with ways of dealing with drug trafficking. Since such actions are coordinated, the report targets government officials who are in charge of security since they are tasked with handling such issue.

The topic of this report will be how to stop drug trafficking and abuse right from its essence. This means that the sources of this drug handling chain will be addressed, meaning that the solution will be drawn from different steps that can be used to stop the trade at its tender stages. The chain usually captures the attention from farmers, smugglers, street vendors, and users who are the final consumers (Sherman, 2010). This means that the report will seek to serve to security services that are entirely left on the government security agencies such as the police and other investigation agencies.

The report will draw much of its information from existing data about drug trafficking. It will also rely on information from the public, which can be obtained from opinion forums at the community level. Therefore, the methods used to gather the information will be mainly secondary (books and online publications), based on studies that have been done earlier. Therefore, the criteria used to assess the drug trafficking circle will be on the severity of the problem in different parts of the country. Similarly, prevalence in different areas will be used to give better pictures of the effectiveness of various methods used to fight crime in such areas. Finally, the report will give recommendations basing on methods that have worked in the past and those that ought to applied. This will be from a personal point of view.


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