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The four standards of Health insurance portability and accountability act were developed to ensure confidentiality of healthcare information. These for standards are national identifiers, transaction and code set, privacy and security. The regulation should cover all employees in the agency. These include the volunteers, telecommutes and managers. The set of standard and their functions are;

Privacy – this set of the standard is meant to control and protect the all the health information. The standard stipulates that each and every patient has a sole right to access information. They are also allowed to make correction and limit the number of individual that get access of this information. The patents can also launch complaints with the department of health and human services. However, there are some exceptions to the rules.

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Security- the standard is meant to cover provides information safety for health care providers and plan. The fundamental areas of security are technological, administration and physical. The standard specifies what should be done by the agency. It is the obligation of the agency to carry out a risk analysis to review threats that face one’s responsibility (Krager 43). The standard also dictates that all employees in an organization should be subjected to continuous training on security standards.

Identifiers- the standard covers critical information that is not supposed to the given out for research purposes. Basically, it covers personal identification information such as names, address, phone number and date. Any other unique information that can be used to locate the physical location of an individual is also prohibited.

Transaction and code- this standard entail the exchange of information between different parties. The HIPAA controls and regulates the transfer of transactions such as payments eligibility referral and authorization electronically. All the agencies should adhere to specified standards for the format and content of information transferred. The specific codes for all types of paperwork are specified (Krager 66).


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