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Free «Anorexia and Television Advertisements» Essay Sample

My research topic is the rate of anorexia among women and its correlation with viewing an advertisement on television. This topic is significant because it brings forth clear causes of anorexia among women. Research asserts that the topic gives directions on the key concepts relating to anorexia, hence, enabling individuals understand its occurrence among women, who mostly take it with the aim of slimming. More so, the topic is vital because it helps one understand the symptoms relating to anorexia among women. The understandability of the core symptoms of the condition enables an individual to give effective advice that would help solve anorexia among women. This treatment would be vital, as it would help in saving many lives that could have been lost due to this eating condition. Research Administration (2010) asserts that the topic is also significant because it brings forth the nexus between the rate of anorexia among women and television advertisements. This relationship enables one to identify the effect of television advertisements on the rate of anorexia among women. Other researchers discussing this topic have used both cognitive and behavioral theories among individuals. Their research and theories are relevant to this topic because they enhance easier understandability among individuals in society. People are able to link the topic effectively to the various conclusions drawn from these vital theories. The cognitive theory relating to the rate of anorexia among women asserts that most women prefer to forgo some of the meals, because of their normal reasonability that they would be able to slim with time. Their mentality is configured in the sense that they strongly believe that they would be able to slim in case they avert most of the meals. Thus, most women end up suffering from the condition and do not achieve their positive result of slimming effectively. Research asserts that the cognitive theory highlights the significance of television advertisements in increasing the rate of anorexia among women. Most of these adverts emphasize slimming among women with the assertion that it gives one a decent appearance. According to the cognitive theory, women are supposed to take to a balanced diet in case they would wish to achieve their dream of slimming successfully. Averting some of the meals or rationing some of the meals would not be valuable in building their health but would be enormously destructive. The behavioral theory on anorexia points out that most women derive the behavior of food rationing from others in society. They tend to learn the feeding habits of those whom they perceive to have achieved the desired shape, and they try to practice it. This behavior spreads in the community quickly, hence, reaching most of the women, who have the desire to slim. Anorexia cases emanating from the copying of behavior among individuals is extremely dangerous, as it affects a large number of individuals in the population.



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The research question is how do television advertisements influence the rate of anorexia among women? This question is largely significant in this research. Research reports indicate that most individuals around the globe depend on television adverts in order to determine the steps to take in their lives. Most of the advertisements on television have the capacity of influencing individuals either in the positive direction or in the negative direction. This research question is hugely significant because it helps in the investigation and establishment of a clear nexus between the rates of anorexia among women and television advertisements relating to the matter. The question is significant because it would help in the identification and analysis of the conclusion on the rate of anorexia among women and the influence of television advertisements. Research indicates that it would be vital to understand then relationship, as it would facilitate the formulation of effective recommendations to the parties involved. Health care institutions should be better placed to understand the effective manner of advising their patients suffering from this food condition. Furthermore, the question is vital because it analyzes the effect of television advertisements and their effect on the rate of anorexia among women in different parts of the world. One would be able to understand the spread of anorexia in different parts of the world due to the influence of television advertisements. This question gives direction and sense to the entire research, hence, facilitating the collection of effective data that could be utilized in the education of masses on the genuine issues relating to anorexia and the manner in which the condition could be dealt with. Thus, it is vital to formulate such a question in order to get the gist and the key objective of the research hence acquiring the desired results from different the desired sources.

The survey method is used in this study to address the research question. Research asserts that the survey method entails carrying out a survey on a large number of people in a population. The survey method would be an effective method in addressing the research question because of the various significant reasons that characterize its operation in the field of research. It is an appropriate method to use in this study because of the effectiveness it offers when dealing with large populations in society. It is simpler to address the rate of anorexia among a large number of women using the survey method of research, as it would give the required results. Glasow (2005) observes that the surveying method would be appropriate in the collection of data across a large number of women in hence giving satisfactory outcomes on the relating to the rate of anorexia among women its correlation with television advertisements. These results would ensure that a true picture and a significant relationship is drawn between the media and anorexia among women. Additionally, the survey method is appropriate as it is relatively cheaper compared to other methods of collecting data from a large population. It is cheaper in terms of costs and time, hence, ensuring that vital data is collected at the cheapest costs possible. It is also appropriate because of its ability to give trends in the sample population that would be under the study. Research indicates that any data collected would only be significant in cases where it is able to follow a given trend, hence, creating a relationship between the components of the research. The survey method gives appropriate trends in the population and will be significant in understanding the trends emanating from the research question. This facilitates understandability of the research results and the recommendations drawn from the research. It is also appropriate for this study because it presents the opportunity for asking many questions. A study would only be complete in cases where numerous questions pertaining to a certain issue are asked. The surveying method would present the opportunity to ask various respondents numerous questions that would ultimately facilitate the drawing of conclusions and the formulation of the recommendation as observed from the research. Thus, the survey method would be utilized because of its effectiveness in addressing the research question.

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Random sampling and cluster sampling methods would be employed in this study. Research indicates that the random method of sampling ensures that all members of the population are given an equal opportunity to be selected in the study. In addition, the cluster method of sampling ensures that all the clusters in the population are represented appropriately according to their proportion and listing. These methods are enormously appropriate in this study. Firstly, they are appropriate because they seek to eliminate any form of bias in the selection of samples to be used in the study. Research reports indicate that data would not be as accurate as required in cases where individuals of a population are chosen in a predetermined manner. Significant information relating to anorexia among women and its correlation with the advertisement on television would be collected from the random samples that would be used in the study. More so, these sampling methods are appropriate because they ensure the time involved in the study is adequately saved. Members of the population required in the study would be selected as fast as possible, hence, ensuring that there are no delays in the study. Westfall (2009) asserts that it is because they eliminate all the complex procedures that could be involved in the selection of the members to be studied from the entire population. This ensures that the research is completed within the required time and effective measures executed within the shortest time possible. These methods of sampling are also appropriate because of their ability to achieve a narrow focus on the topic. Research indicates that a given population would be appropriately understood in case there is a narrow study that effectively defines the vital components in the population. These sampling methods make it easier for the research to narrow down on the topic of research according to the research question. This would ensure that accurate results are derived from the entire study. In addition, these sampling methods are appropriate because they ensure that the sample is effectively tested before being approved for the study. The ability to test populations ensures that only the effective populations are tested, and efficient results are derived from the study. Testing of the sample ensures that the entire study utilizes an effective sample that has the capacity of delivering the desired results hence giving accurate analysis the results. Therefore, data based on these sampling methods is able to be effectively accepted by all individuals in society because of the fairness, employed in carrying out the entire research in the population.

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The study would entail various significant procedures that would be aimed at getting the most accurate results possible. Firstly, I would select the key problem that I would wish to address in the course of my research. For instance, this research seeks to explain anorexia in women and its correlation with the television advertisement. The problem identified forms the base of the entire research, hence, making it as effective as possible. Secondly, I would review the existing research theories conducted by other researchers in the field. This would guide my research and enable me establish whether my findings are in line with those researches conducted prior to mine. It would also help me understand the continuous changes in society from one research to another. Thirdly, I would state my research question. The research question would guide the entire process of research. It would help me narrow the scope of the research and avert time wastage on other matters in the field that may not be appropriate in helping my research. I would be able to understand the key issue of research using the research question that I would have formulated. Fourthly, I would select the appropriate methodology that suits my research question. According to Administration (2008), the selection of this methodology would depend on the size of the sample that I would be using. For instance, in the case of anorexia, the study would involve a large sample hence demanding an appropriate methodology like the survey method of research. The selection of an appropriate methodology would ensure that the research is successful and effective conclusions are drawn from the entire study. After the selection of the methodology, I would proceed to data collection. The objective of every research is to collect data that would be effective in the formulation of recommendations and drawing of appropriate conclusions. The process of collecting data would help to prove the significance of the research topic and the effective results it presents from the long process when the research begun. I would then analyze the data that I would have collected. I would take a keen analysis of the data that I would have collected from the field in order to gauge whether it conforms to my expected findings. This interpretation would also be vital in the determination of the influence of the data in decision-making. I would then present the results of my research to the designated individuals. The presentation of the results would enable me determine the reactions that different individuals would take towards my study. Lastly, I would review the data and ensure that it is in compliance with the demands of society and other significant individuals, aiming to use it for future development.

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The examples of the questions that would be involved in this research are numerous. For instance, how old are you? This question would be vital in determining the age groups of individuals. Research indicates that it is vital to determine the ages of individuals involved in this study. This is vital because it would ensure that trends are followed according to the different ages of individuals involved in the study. Secondly, I could ask, how many meals do you eat per day? This question would be vital in determining the number of meals that the individuals eat per day and its relationship to the spread of anorexia. Thirdly, I would ask to what extent do you utilize the content from the television/advertisements? This question would effectively help me in understanding the ways in which women utilize television advertisements, relating to their health in their daily lives. Marzano (2000) observes that this understanding would facilitate the understandability of the nexus between the television and the rates of anorexia among women. Fourthly, how is your health affected by the amounts of food you consume? This question would be vital in ensuring that the effect of food consumption in relation to the health of these individuals hence anorexia. Another vital question is what type of slimness do you want to achieve? This would entail issues to do with the motivation towards slimness among individuals and the common desired slimness size among women. Anorexia would be identified from these reactions. This is vital in explaining the different trends as they occur among these individuals. The examples of the plans for observation would entail for example taking photographs. The plans for observation would entail an accurate understanding of the conditions on the ground by taking photographs, which act as reference materials. Another vital example of the observation plan is a direct visit to the field. This preempts what is expected and facilitates easier comparisons. A closer monitoring of individuals and their modes of operation is another significant example of an observation plan. It ensures that the mannerism of the sample population is effectively studied, and conclusions made. The content coding analysis schemes could include teaching, comparisons with other sources, discussions, and the drawing of significant conclusions through tests on the population.

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I would analyze my data through several ways that would facilitate its understandability. Research indicates that research data could be effectively analyzed through conducting significant checks in order to ensure that the data is clean in terms of content and grammar. Organization (2005) asserts that this would make it easier for any individual wishing to utilize the data for various reasons. Data cleaning would ensure that erroneous parts are eliminated, and missed parts are fixed appropriately, hence, ensuring that the data presented is adequate. I would also analyze data by determining if there are any correlations between the items of research. This would play an instrumental part in facilitating the process of establishing the effect of one of the components on the other. Thus, trends and graphs could be drawn from such analysis. Data analysis would also entail the construction of charts with the objective of trying to identify the general state of issues. This analysis would enable me understand the various factors emanating from my research. I will analyze the data collected by comparing it with the previous studies carried out in the field. There are numerous studies that have been conducted in relation to anorexia and they would help me in the determination of the validity of my research. This comparison would give me the confidence to present this data with the belief that it is in line with the other acceptable studies. Observation of the general attitudes and understandings of society would also help me in my data analysis. I would analyze data basing on their general feelings towards anorexia, hence, ensuring that they are also accommodated in the research. Data analysis would ensure that all the content presented is acceptable to the people it is presented to. This would facilitate future conclusions and recommendations.

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