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Grief emanates from heartbreaking events such as the loss of a loved one. Kubler-Ross asserts that individuals facing grief must be advised appropriately and encouraged effectively to cope with the situation they are facing. Encouragement will boost the acceptance of individuals and will help them heal from such situations at a faster rate. Therefore, Kubler-Ross came up with a model to describe some of the stages individuals might undergo when facing grief. These stages include denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. These stages are not fixed because not all individuals undergo each of these stages.

This essay compares and contrasts Kubler-Ross’s model of grief and the story of Job in the Bible and the Sikh faith. It also compares grief and joy.

Both the story of Job and Kubler-Ross’s grieving model involve aspects of depression. Notably, grieving individuals would always be depressed because of the situation facing them. Kubler-Ross and Kessler (2005) assert that the situation is always intense, and many individuals find it difficult to bear because of its heart-breaking nature. For instance, Job in the Bible was extremely depressed by the loss of his entire property that he decided to tear his clothes and remain naked. The loss of a close friend or relative as asserted in Kubler’s model is also likely to lead to immense depression as the individual tries to come to terms with the loss.

It is vital to note that both the story of Job in the Bible and Kubler’s model involve aspects of acceptance. After the loss of high levels of property, Job still had to accept God is the one who gives and takes. Frazier and Bernieres (1999) affirm that Job understood that his situation involved the power of God, who had initially given him high levels of possession and He had decided to take it away. With acceptance, Job could maintain his faith in God. Individuals all over society also have to accept any occurrence in order to move toward a positive side of recovery. Kubler asserts that acceptance gives individuals new life as they overcome the grief-causing event.

On the other hand, the story of Job in the Bible does not have aspects of denial while Kubler asserts that denial is a noticeable feature among individuals. Job immediately accepted the loss of his possessions and understood that it was the plan of God. Kubler’s model holds that most individuals would always deny the occurrence of the event such as death. It is always difficult for individuals to embrace these events because of their painful nature.

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Compared to the Sikh religion, all these aspects of grieving involve acceptance. Sikhs will always call out the name of their Waheguru, and they thank Him for all the happenings. This boosts acceptance of the situation and helps in its management. This is similar to the acceptance asserted by Kubler and the story of Job in the Bible. Acceptance rejuvenates one and boosts faith in God.

In contrast, Kubler asserts that grieving individuals are able to get annoyed at some stage while the Sikh religion does not believe in anger at any stage. Kubler’s model entails anger as one of the aspects of grieving. Individuals express anger because of the denial of the happening in most instances. Singh (2009) confirms that the Sikh religion perceives the expression of anger while grieving is a sin and lack of faith and trust in Waheguru. They assert that anger leads to increased grief among individuals.

Joy is highly related to these grieving models because they both involve the expression of feelings. Joy entails the expression of happiness and feelings of reawakened life. This mostly happens when individuals express their feelings toward happy happenings in the life of an individual. This is usually rather rejuvenating and reawakens life among individuals. These models of grief also involve the expression of feelings among individuals due to heartbreaking events. In grief, individuals may cry or be angry and eventually accept the heartbreaking events. The expression of feelings in joy and grief models is helpful because it determines the motivation of an individual toward a new life and better living with the events that happen.

More so, joy is related to these grief models as they both point toward gratefulness among individuals. Joyous feelings play an instrumental role in making individuals through rejuvenated energy to bring in more joy. Thus, joyful situations help in building individuals toward Greatness by giving them new energy to take part in different events and ensure they achieve positively. These grief models also point toward Greatness because they help individuals to be strong. They help grieving individuals to understand that some happenings should not bring life to a halt but should be rejuvenating and help individuals move towards Greatness.

My method of handling grief involves crying for a while and then ultimately accepting the event. Crying is a crucial part in my method of handling grief because it helps in the release of all the negative emotions associated with the happening. Kubler-Ross and Kessler (2005) affirm that crying helps eliminate all the stresses associated with the heartbreaking event hence enabling me to be strong. Additionally, acceptance plays a key role in helping me work positively toward further development. With acceptance, I can find a new lease of life and work with the belief that grievous events happen at all places. This research has tremendously changed my view of grief. It has enabled me understand that the best way to handle grief is by first accepting the situation. I have also understood that anger may worsen the feelings of an individual.

In conclusion, grief is inevitable in the lives of individuals. People must understand the best ways of managing grief as this will help them deal effectively with different events causing grief in their lives. Joy is also part of the feelings in the lives of individuals. People must develop the best methods of dealing with each of these events as this boosts rejuvenation and Greatness in the lives of individuals.


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