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These are procedures used for treating patients which include treatment plan and summarized consensus statement. The use of these protocols are generally accepted in field of medicine as it promotes high quality practice and reduces variation in health-care at the same time improving cost efficiency.

To achieve the objective of these protocols, there is a need of high quality which is something easier said than done. The guidelines on how to perform a given health care operation may vary from one medical staff to another or from one hospital to another having these medical protocols ensure that uniformity is attained and provides formal methods of treatment operation.

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A manager, CEO or CNO must aware that translating clinical protocols to formal guideline representation is difficult since guideline must be followed at the same time adding information from common knowledge of medical-personnel. However, assuring consistence and having high quality patient care is core objective of any medical organization, and we should always do what it takes to achieve it.

As a manager, I ensure that well-trained personnel is hired in the hospital so that they can easily understand these protocols and provide high quality care with desirable outcome to patients. There also should be enough personnel so that they are not overworked.

The manager should ensure that equipments used in treatment procedure are in the right place and are well maintained; this improves the performance in treating the patient. Using newer technologies makes it possible to implement new emerging protocols.

Furthermore, encouraging the hospital staffs to have proper communication with the patient will make it easier to understand them and ensure that right medication is provided. Patient can also be availed with the information and instructions on all the procedures and how they are to be treated. This link between the patient and the hospital staff makes the patient’s experience better; thus physicians’ task becomes easier.

Medical protocols are dynamic, and all medical personnel should ensure that they adapt to changes that come with them.


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