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Free «Evolving Practice of Nursing and Patient Care Delivery Models» Essay Sample

Researches argue out that healthcare forms a big basis to how a country will develop economically if the overall state of healthcare delivery is good. A streamlined healthcare delivery ensures that the populace receives nursing in time and also reduces health sicknesses and consequently this reflects in the population by less health complications thus a healthy labor force. A healthy labor force reflects to improvement in the country’s economy. The practice of nursing and patient delivery has evolved greatly for the past decade. This has been made possible by the introduction of technology into healthcare which has improved the delivery of care to the patients.

Continuum of care is a conception which involves an incorporated structure of healthcare whereby it directs and trails patient over a spread out time during an inclusive assortment of health services across every level of concentration of care. This concept provides a structure to show day-to-day management/decision making and presenting a structure for delivering of finest healthcare to all the sick citizens. Fundamentally, what this denotes is that this system consents to an individual like a sick person to have his or her healthcare administered efficiently from indispensable care, for instance making appointments and prescriptions, to further highly developed care, resembling the critical care and in-hospital (Spath, n.d.).



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The complete concept of continuum of care in the setting of healthcare is described to be inclusive of rehabilitation, Alzheimer’s care, skilled nursing care, assisted living, and also independent living. This model generates a medical community whereby the ancillary staff together with doctors who are involved in a patient treatment all converse concerning their treatments, procedures, and diagnoses. It connects all the patient services and evades replicating them. Thus patient primary care commands tests that the health professionals don't replicate. The model enables everybody to see the whole thing and hence allowing for improved treatments (Spath, n.d.).

AnAccountable Care Organizationcommonly denoted ACO is a health care delivery organization which is described by a care delivery and payment model that look to bind provider repayments in order to value metrics and lessening in the whole price of healthcare for an allotted populace of patients. Groupings of coordinated care supplierscreate an ACO, then they offer healthcare to a collection of patients. The ACO makes use of a variety of imbursement models ranging from symmetric/asymmetric shared savings, fee for service, or even capitation. The ACO model is entirely responsible to the sick people with the 3rd party financier for the efficiency, appropriateness, and quality of the healthiness care supplier (Gold, 2011).

The ACO concept has the planning around flexibility, and its build amid three sub-concepts. First of all, it brings out healthcare providers who have a strong stand of prime care and are jointly responsible for worth and full per capita charges transversely through the whole continuum of healthcare for a specified populace of patients. Secondly, the care payments are coupled with the quality improvements of the healthcare and this minimizes the overall costs in healthcare. Also, the concept revolves around dependable and increasingly more stylish performance dimension, to maintain enhancement and offer assurance that savings are realized in the course of improvements in healthcare (Gold, 2011).

The medical home model was first introduced into the country in 1967 by the American Academic of Pediatrics (AAP) with the aim of creating a core of children medical records. The prime aim of this concept was to give care to children with special concern needs. With time the concept evolved to capture every child’s medical and non-healthcare. In fact, currently the model has changed to even cover adults’ needs. The medical home has cultured affiliation amongst the primary provider, family, together with the patient in collaboration with professionals and support from the society. The focal point surrounding this model is the family and patient, and this concept of medical home is put up about this center (Fiore, 2012).

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The medical home is defined through several principles or rather called sub-concepts. For instance, every sick person has his/her personal physician where they have an association together with the aim of the doctor providing comprehensive and continuous care, together with giving first contact. The care delivery is integrated and coordinated all through the multifaceted healthcare system. The safety and quality of health care makes the features of the medical home model. Decision making is guided by medical decision support and evidence based medication. A medical home is an imperative method for connecting the several sections of a child's healthcare, as well as oral and behavioral health, in order to achieve these objectives (Fiore, 2012).

A nurse managed health clinicgiveshealthcareexaminations in regions which are medically underserved especially in countryside and town locales in the U.S. where care accessibility is limited.This model of care delivery strongly puts lots of emphasizes on supervision of persistent illnesses like diabetes, hypertension, and asthma, disease prevention, and wellness promotion. The nurses in these care centers have equal practice scope as primary care doctors in terms of prescription privileges. These clinics have evolved considerable over time as they are generally allied with independent non-profit groups, universities, or even nursing institutions (Turton et al., 2010).

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Nurse managed health clinics are well known for offering care at a considerably lesser cost in comparison to those of physician’s workplace or an imperative healthcare facility. This model has extensively improved the nursing and patient care delivery with its cost effective strategy. It has also improved the accessibility of primary care especially in regions where there are shortages of primary care givers (Turton et al., 2010).


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