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Sexually transmitted diseases refer to the infectious diseases that people acquire by having sexual intercourse with the infected sexual partners (Rosenthal, 2012). However, people can transmit some of the infections through sharing needles and syringes for drugs such as heroin, which they inject intravenously. The risky factors include unprotected sex, having multiple sexual partners, and starting sexual activities at younger (Rosenthal, 2012). This discussion will consider the symptoms and preventive methods for five common sexually transmitted diseases, namely Human Papillomavirus (HPV), genital herpes, syphilis, gonorrhea, and Chlamydia.

Human Papillomavirus is among the most common sexually transmitted diseases over the world. Its signs and symptoms include the development of genital warts and genital and cervical cancers. The disease does not have a cure, but several intervention alternatives are available. Vaccination can help people to avoid this disease. Genital herpes is among the most common sexually transmitted disease. The symptom of genital herpes is that painful blisters appear around the mouth or genitalia. No cure for genital herpes, but its flare-ups can undergo treatment. Oral and topical medications are effective in preventing the disease (Rosenthal, 2012).

Syphilis is a bacterial disease that results in the development of open sore, which surround the mouth and genitalia as the early symptoms. Symptoms at a later stage include rash, weight loss, sore throat, headache, swollen gland, damage to the vital organs, and paralysis. Penicillin is an effective medication in treating the later symptoms. Gonorrhea is another bacterial infection. Patients experience painful urination, genital soreness, and a discharge with unique colors such as green, yellow, or white. Common treatment for this disease is the use of antibiotics. Chlamydia is a bacterial infection whose symptoms include abdominal pain, burning and greenish or whitish discharge, itching and pain during urination or sex. The common treatment for Chlamydia is the use of antibiotics (Rosenthal, 2012).

Therefore, most of the sexually transmitted diseases do not have a cure. It advisable that people should have protected sex and avoid multiple sexual partners. The symptoms and signs of sexually transmitted diseases may be devastating, and most of the symptoms involve the genitalia (Rosenthal, 2012).


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