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In today’s healthcare practice, patient safety remain as a quality indicator that is associated with the nursing profession as nurses shift to adverse event-sensitive care (Powers, 2003). Even as both nursing home and general acute care hospital seek to offer exceptional services to the patients they differ in their nursing structure. Considerably, it is decisive to understand how the differences arises in the facilities structures within the healthcare setup.

More than often, patients who are elderly and cannot receive any treatment from the acute care hospitals attend the nursing homes to seek either somatic or psychogeriatric care. As a facility, which offers long-term care, it receives autonomy in the spending of the financial resources as it offers covers for expenses (Allen, 2011). Unlike the acute care hospital, the nursing home facility is easier to manage because of its small size and less complex organizational structure. Its nursing structure has fewer professionals because physicians do not depend on the patient care offered at the nursing home. Nonetheless, nurses employed in acute care hospital treat patients who suffer from severe illness and complex health problems because they take responsibility for actions, and decisions. In addition, the nurses undertake the provision of quality health care services because the patients are more dependent on them and require shorter periods of hospitalization (Ferrell & Coyle, 2010). As a result, acute care hospital offers general hospital consultation services to all patients regardless of their age and health conditions.

In conclusion, both the nursing home facility and general acute care hospital have different nursing structures because of the kind of patients they handle. Therefore, as the acute care hospital offers specialized services it has a detailed structure as compared to nursing homes that seek to rehabilitate patients who suffer from an illness that cannot receive acute treatment especially among the elderly patients.


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