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Kidneys are among the human body organs that can be transplanted from one body to another. Medicine has enabled people to trade in body parts, a concept that remains contentious, with some hailing it as noble while others think it is illegal. Among other body parts that are sold include the liver and the heart.

The kidney is, however, the safest organ to sell. This is because a person can live with only one kidney. The demand for kidneys is forever on the rise. Over 100000 kidneys are needed yearly worldwide. The legal system only accounts for about 10000 of these. This translates to about 90000 illegal sales of these organs. Some countries such as China and Iran have legalized the trade of kidneys. In China for instance, organs are harvested from death row prisoners and sold to people in need. This maintains order in the business, which fetches a lot of money for the government.

Illegalization of organ sale only serves to deny the federal government of takes that can be garnered from this trade. The market price of a kidney is about $200000 (Campbell, Davison 2012). This is quite a significant amount of money. For a person with merger earnings, such an offer is like winning the lottery. However, due to the unfair conditions in the black market, a poor organ seller will only get about $10000 or even less from the sale. Were the trade legalized, sellers of these organs would get value for their products, and hence improve their livelihood.

Selling a body organ is a matter of personal opinion. A person has the right over their body, and hence should be given the freedom to do with it as her/she pleases. The governments of countries which have not legalized the process should do so. This benefits all parties involved. The government can collect taxes from the process, the seller can get value for their kidneys and the buyers will have another chance to live a healthy life (Jafar, 2009).


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