Free «Osteoporosis in Young Women» Essay Sample

Osteoporosis is a disease that is associated with thinning of bones that result to severe pains in case of a fracture (Boz%u030Cic%u030C & Ihan, 2012). Women are at a higher risk of getting the disease. The disease has no observable symptoms, and as such, it is only noticed when a person has a fracture (Marc, 2012). However, there are warning signs that should be used to detect the disease. For example, thinning of bones and hence becoming weak should be used a warning sign. Low body weight can also be used as a warning sign since it shows that the bones are weak. Bones should be growing constantly but with this disease, they cannot do so. Weakness of the bones makes the victims of the disease to be more prone to fractures (Marc, 2012).

The disease is seen to have effects on hormones especially in women. For example, the menstrual cycle of young women is affected to a great extent by the disease (Agarwal, 2012). Agarwal postulates that men who suffer from the disease are seen to have low levels of testosterone. There are certain factors that increase the risk of getting infected by the disease. These factors include smoking, family history and failure to consume calcium in the diet. Lack of physical exercises is also a major cause of the disease.

There are many programs that are used to educate people on how to prevent osteoporosis. These measures are mostly physical. People should involve themselves in physical exercise, since this strengthens human bones. Individuals should also ensure that they consume desired levels of calcium in their diet. This has the effect of strengthening their bones since calcium is necessary for proper development of bones (Marc, 2012).

Therefore, osteoporosis is a disease that is associated with weak bones. It is mostly noticed when one has a fracture and is characterized by low weight, which implies that the bones are weak. It can be prevented by physical exercises and consumption of desired levels of calcium in the diet. These preventive measures ensure that human bones are strong and healthy.


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