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Celiac disease is an autoimmune disease categorized by an unsuitable immune response to nutritional proteins that are present in foods such as barley wheat. This immune response results to the swelling of the small intestine and to impairment and damage of the villi that are present in the intestinal wall. These villi entail protections of small folds that raise the volume area of the intestine thus letting nutrients, minerals, vitamins, electrolytes, and fluids, to be absorbed into the human body. When the villi get damaged, the human body is incapable of absorbing food and for this reason it starts to show symptoms linked with starvation and mal absorption. When the body is unprotected from the protein from foods such as barley, it creates antibodies that identify and act in contrast to not only the food proteins, but also against ingredients of the abdominal villi. As long as the patient endures to be open to the consumption of proteins, production of these auto-antibodies will not cease (David, 2008).

Celiac disease is most common in the European areas, probably hereditary and is likely affect anybody at any stage of life. Celiac disease is viewed to be a genetic trend that is initiated by emotional, ecological or physical factors. The probable symptoms include of this condition entails anemia, abdominal pain, bone and joint pain, bleeding , bloody stool, variations in dental enamel, weakness and loss of weight. Kids with this sickness may experience stunted growth and development. It is approximated that for every1 individual in 133 individuals in the U. S. have celiac disease but merely an approximate of 3% cases have been identified (Mark, 2008)..

Individuals with celiac disease need to follow a go through a diet that that is prescribed by health experts; they should avoid some food groups. It is vital to identify and cure celiac disease as soon as it is recognized, particularly in young children. In most circumstances the patient are likely to live normal lives if only they adhere to the appropriate diet (Mark, 2008).


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