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Medical negligence is also called medical malpractice and may occur in various ways. Any health care provider can commit negligence (Judson et al 35). Examples of activities that may be negligent include misdiagnosis of a patient, improper treatment of a patient, not providing treatment to a patient on time as well as providing incompetent care and treatment to a patient. There are innumerable ways patients can be harmed through negligence of the health care providers. When a patient is harmed by negligence of health care provider, a case of health care negligence can exist (Palko et al 28).

We can refer to George Washington, the first president of the USA, as one of the examples of health care negligence caused by health care providers. He died in the year 1799 because about ½ of his blood was lost. The astonishing thing is that he was not even injured. Three of his practitioners intentionally bled him attempting to cure sore throats.

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Michael Jackson died in 2009 from prescription poisoning. The autopsy of Michael indicated that he was given a tranquillizing prescription of Propofol that is normally used in common surgeries but when combined with other two prescriptions, it causes death. The practitioner who prescribed such drugs is alleged for health care negligence, because it was his duty to give Michael a proper health care.

John Ritter became a famous comedian due to his show Three’s Company and a movie Problem Child. Ritter died as a result of misdiagnosis. His doctor was treating heart attack symptoms, and he died because of anonymous aortic dissection.

Anna Nicole Smith was a model star who died in 2007 because of health care negligence. The investigation showed that she was using eleven drugs which her psychiatrist prescribed her.

Another example is that of a newborn baby of nine months who suffered burns on his arms, and after few weeks, the baby was discharged. The health care provider failed to check the electrolytes, and the kid died of dehydration. Another example is that of sixty years old woman who had started having vaginal bleeding. When she went to her doctor, he instructed her for CT scan. The scan indicated a pelvic mass, but she was neither informed of the results nor advised for more testing to prove her condition. After two years, the bleeding returned, and she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. The disease had spread and the woman could not be cured.

In conclusion, health care negligence is becoming a major issue for patients seeking medical help; therefore, government and all practitioners should create awareness on the medical errors, and doctors should be very careful when carrying out their duties.


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