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Getting to where I am currently has not been a walk in the pack and I strongly believe that my undertakings at the undergraduate level have been instrumental in preparing me for successful academic achievements. Consequently, I am tendering my application to teach pediatric residents, interns and medical staff. I have been ascending uphill in flip-flops throughout my life and even though, I understand that this happens to everybody, I also believe that the foundation upon which one walks determines their success. My foundation has been firm and supportive. Looking back, I appreciate that the obstacles I have faced have ensured I get a strong footing even as I look forward to your consideration.

As a young girl, I always wanted to be a doctor and help those suffering from various illnesses. My dream came true as I went ahead to study medicine in the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E) University. However, I also had a soft spot for children since my childhood. I remember my mother leaving my small brother under my care on her way to the market or while attending to some other chores. Here, is when I realized that pediatrics was my calling. Consequently, I decided to purse my passion by going to Canada in 1998 for further training in pediatrics. While in Canada, I also furthered my training in infectious diseases and infection control.

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As a pediatric infectious disease consultant, I vividly understand that our country has inadequate trained pediatricians to take care of a growing number of children. I was born and raised here and saw many children succumb to infectious illnesses. I was lucky to survive, and I do not want to see the current generation of children going through the same situation. As an instructor, I will help this country produce additional professionals to help children.

Since 2005 when I came back, I have always had children’s interest at heart. I joined SKMC in 2007, where I have served as a Program Director since April 2010. My goal was and has always been to motivate the young Emarati pursue their training in pediatrics. On the other hand, I am working hard towards AGGME-I accreditation program, and I have established a strong program that conforms to AGGME standards. These, among other achievements, give me a best opportunity to teach pediatrics since I am experienced in the field.

As a mother of four boys, I am a role model for the young Emirati and want to help them pursue their dreams. Similarly, I have looked upon our former president Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan as my role model. His efforts to change our country from a desert to a respected and developed place in 30 years demonstrate that everything is possible. As one of Zayed’s daughters, I am determined just like my father, to bring a positive change in children’s health through teaching pediatric professionals. I am confident that my experience makes me a qualified candidate for this position, and I will appreciate your consideration.


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