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The Miami Children Hospital Unit 3 North hosted a community event, the APHON’S Making Miracle 2nd Annual Happy Hour. This event and was held on 14th October 2012 from 5 to 9 pm. The event collected approximately $100,000 for helping kids with pediatric cancer and blood disorders. This was achieved by selling raffle tickets to the people who were already at the event. This activity and also inviting senior people from the Miami Children Hospital Unit 3 North were my main work at the event. The Miami Children Hospital is devoted to supporting pediatric cancer and blood disorders children. Experts who were working with society organizations coordinated by Miami Children Hospital Unit 3 North supported this event. Moreover, about 50 senior people who willingly collected money for helping these children contributed generously to support this fundraising. The described event had taken place at Blue Martiny.

This fundraising contributes to the health of the community in various ways such as improving the quality of life and healing of kids suffering from cancer and blood disorders. Community events need volunteers and fiscal donations to enable the community to pay for bills in hospitals and take good care of these kids suffering from cancer and blood disorders. Understanding of sick children is changing over the years of contributing to the needy people, and thus I learnt that ethical judgment builds up over time. Therefore, involving adults and children in events with ethical circumstances such as assisting can teach ethical standards (Kupst & Patenaude, 2006). Children had a chance to collect money for people suffering from cancer and blood disorders. This for sure leads to the improvement of ethical judgments and advanced comprehending of civic duty. Social multiplicity measures our readiness to become philanthropic; the way we react to the samples of social disparities makes on our lives (Kupst & Patenaude, 2006).

My experience is that fundraising gives people logic of empowerment. People do not have the money always available for fundraising, but through helping people in need we gain deeper understanding of the community and its problems.

In conclusion, I would urge my fellow students to participate in community events as they are a valuable thing for the community and an immediate ability to make constructive changes in the society.


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