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Free «Online Therapy» Essay Sample

The online therapy is counseling that is carried out through the internet and is sometimes referred to as eTherapy because it is often known to be done online. Many people prefer this type of therapy because it is convenient and comfortable way to open up to another person without any fears. It offers privacy to both the client and the therapist. The online therapy helps the clients to avoid having the mental health record with the insurance companies.

Online counseling is a good example of online therapy in the site eTherapistsonline.com. This is a widely known site to so many people who require the services of counseling or need a counseling session but are afraid to talk of their problems face to face with the counselors. Therefore so many people have turned to the online therapy in order to have a quick and effective way to get guidance on issues that disturb them in their day to day lives. The website has given the information that one requires before getting into such ideas. It talks of the eTherapy being a new way to find a therapist of all the problems that the customer may have. The use of the internet allows the therapists to be made available whenever we need them. There is a large pool of experts who are licensed clinicians from every place in the United States especially.

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The online therapy can be carried out in different forms and one of them is private online chat where the chat is live online and is somehow one on one. The other kind is phone counseling where the therapist gets your number and then contacts you from any location that you are located (Huang & Alessi, 1996). The other kind is email sessions where you communicate through emails. Once the client writes the email, he or she gets the feedback after only two days. The size of this company and its reputation has allowed the company to attract many impressive panels of therapists than any clinic or hospital has been able to do especially under one roof. Their goal is to provide the best network of various experienced online clinicians and not only the biggest. The company is committed to providing the most excellent counseling online and also the best customer care.

There is another site that offers the online therapy is called 'ask the internet therapist' site. It offers mental health online counseling and does this through chat, audiovisual counseling mediums, email and telephone. The site is said to be private, safe and reliable.

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The staff of the internet therapists are fully qualified in the areas of psychology, psychiatry, etherapy, marriage counseling, professional coaching, naturopathic medicine, chiropractic medicine, career development among many others. They offer a wide variety of hypnosis CDs, hypnosis tapes and hypnosis MP3s and various other mental health videos that are very educational.

The therapists are licensed and this is verified by the company with the help of the regulatory board of their state. The company also requires the therapist to provide the proof of their liability insurance. The therapists that are accepted are those that have licenses in very good standing which are without blemishes (Kate & Dee Anna, 2009).

The state regulatory boards and professional associations view the online therapy as very delicate that could go against their codes of ethics. There are set ethical guidelines that are set up in order to govern the use of online therapy. This is in regard to competency, integrity, scientific and professional responsibility, the respect for people's dignity and rights, the concern of other people's welfare and the social responsibility. These are some of the factors that the professional associations look into as they permit the use of online therapy (King & Poulus, 1999).

The advantages of using the online therapy are various and are very diverse. The people who have busy schedules are given the opportunity to interact with the therapist at the comforts of their offices or their houses (Kate & Dee Anna, 2009). The other categories are the people who have difficulty traveling to the offices of the therapist have the opportunity to get the services from their houses or at places of their comforts. So many people have the fear of going out into the public and telling of their problems and the online therapy allows them to do it in their houses and also for privacy and confidentiality concerns. The online therapy is offered for 24 hours in a day for seven days and therefore many people are able to contact and reach help when they need it.

The disadvantages of using the online therapy are of various types. The client who needs the counseling may require the physical presence of the clinician to see their reaction but this is not possible because of the various reasons. The client may not be sure of whether the person offering the service is a profession or not and this may lead to them not taking the advices very seriously and also the information may not be very reliable.

There conditions that are set that include; suicidal cases are not recommended for the online therapy, those that are in crisis and those who suffer from severe mental illness and those that are below the age of 13 years. These exclusions are part of the disadvantages because maybe these are the people who should receive the counseling at any time because they are hard pressed. Another disadvantage is that it is quite expensive to get the online therapy.


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