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Cosmetic surgery is a plastic surgery carried out to remove wrinkles and various signs of aging from a person's face; a slit is normally made close to the hairline and the skin is pulled back as the extra tissue is removed. Cosmetic surgery is usually carried out to correct various physical abnormalities or to improve an otherwise normal bodily feature and therefore improve its appearance (Haiken, 2007).Cosmetic surgery is an enormously wide-ranging field that may provide reconstructive surgery for patients after a destructive burn or other bodily trauma. Cosmetic surgery can be employed to smoothen out wrinkles, to reshape a nose, or enlarge breasts. In the recent past, cosmetic surgery was restricted only to surgery which was completely essential to the well-being and health of the patient for example, skin-grafting after severe burns, renovating an extricated eye, restoring a broken jaw or nose, or treating an inappropriate birthmark on the face. Cosmetic surgery was primarily used frequently after the World War I, when reconstruction and treatment of war injury offered some optimism to youthful soldiers (Santoni, 2007).

Individuals with serious cosmetic surgery addiction often have very poor body images, or Body Dysmorphic Disorder. Dr. Gilman gives explanation on the warning signs, symptoms, and management for this form of addiction.The Warning Signs of Plastic Surgery addictionThere are two major warning signs of cosmetic surgery addiction: 1) out of reach expectations; and 2) failure to listen to the advices of the surgeon. "If a person is satisfied after a surgery or two, that's normal," says Dr Gilman. "I understand that a lot of people have poor self images. But, it becomes an addiction if they have plastic surgery procedures over and over, often to the point of making their appearance look worse instead of better. Patients who understand that perfection cannot be achieved display a more normal behavior, and are usually satisfied with their appearance" (Gilman, 2005).

Symptoms of Cosmetic Surgery AddictionThe following are some of the symptoms of the plastic surgery addiction:Treatment for Cosmetic Surgery AddictionTherapy can is the best treatment for cosmetic surgery addiction especially is such an addiction is as a result of Body Dysmorphic Disorder. "Cognitive behavior therapy in particular has shown to decrease symptoms" (Gilman, 2005). Another treatment that can be used in the treatment of this form of addiction is the Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors. This is a form of medication that leads to an increased level of serotonin in the brain. Individuals who are out to get help and who seek to understand why they keep going back for more surgeries are most likely to get help from therapy. Surgeon of such or their primary care physician should pass them on to a psychologist for help. A doctor should stop treating obsessed and addicted patients and refer them to a psychiatrist since this is a mental health problem. A doctor should decline carrying out a treatment or a surgery right off the bat if he/she senses that a patient is already a cosmetic surgery addict and is looking for impracticable perfection (Gilman, 2005).As in recent times as fifty years ago, as the famous and rich started going for discretionary cosmetic surgery, the subject matter was considered a taboo and whispered about. Those in elite circles and celebrities would hide for months only to appear after undergoing secret cosmetic surgery appearing prettier, younger, and thinner. Cosmetic surgery has over time been accepted and encouraged in various circles. Nowadays, there is open recognition of cosmetic surgery to an extent that there are even reality shows on television about the same. Cosmetic surgery presents a wide range of choices ranging from small tucks and snips to total face lifts (Haiken, 2007).Some of the most popular types of cosmetic surgery are liposuction. In this type of surgery, the excess fat is sucked out of the body by use of a vacuum device and a tube. Laser facial resurfacing that leads to smoothening of the lines on the face near the eyes and the mouth and removes facial blemishes. Facelift pulls back the skin of the face and that is around the jowls and the neck. Breast enlargement increases the size of the breasts by use of saline implants. Hair replacements cosmetic surgery enables a fill-up of the balding areas by use of a patient's own hair. There are many other forms of cosmetic surgery, and they comprise of the variations of these (Haiken, 2007).

Any person who is interested in cosmetic surgery should put into consideration the risks involved and bear in mind that it is, eventually, surgery. Not all surgery procedures result to exactly what is the expectation of the patient and doctor, and recovery of this form of surgery is just like in any other surgery, complete with a possibility of infection and with pain. While a cosmetic surgery is an option of the patient, one should choose a doctor wisely, keep realistic expectations and acquire a number of references (Gilman, 2005).Unfortunately over two-thirds of individuals undergoing surgery are repeat patients. Undergoing the first cosmetic surgery is the hard part. However, once initial surgery is done, it is easy for the individual to get more enhancements. Granted, not every person who undergoes over one plastic surgery is an addict. While growing up, some people develop a healthy hate of particular body parts. Maybe they have an ugly nose. Such individuals make up their minds to get a particular plastic surgery when they get the required money. On the other hand, those addicted to cosmetic surgery display a measure of psychological problems (Haiken, 2007). To a certain degree, each one is uncomfortable and has insecurities. Yet, others suffer from a state identified as the body dysmorphic disorder. Individuals suffering from this condition can be enormously good-looking, but they viewthemselves as unattractive. They associate happiness with good looks. Therefore, to attain a happy state, they undergo multiple cosmetic surgeries. Unfortunately, individuals suffering from this disorder will never be contented with their looks. For this reason, cosmetic surgeries are never-ending.


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