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The Queens borough is one of the highly populated in New York vicinity. Health wise it is among the leading boroughs whereby the health status has been raised to a higher level compared to the rest of New York neighborhood. It is noted that the Queens borough is also concerned with achieving the standards of health as set by the city of New York as a whole. It has been in a position to score high in terms of attaining this goal. Among the ten set health goals in the entire New York City, this borough has been in a position to attain quality health Care for all, Promote Physical Activity and Healthy Eating. This has really tried to stop the spread of HIV and Other Sexually Transmitted Infections and raise healthy children.

Averagely it has been in a position to recognize and treat depression, promote physical activity and healthy eating and also try to make its environs healthy human habitation. Despite being the second best borough in maintaining high quality health status, the Queens borough has achieved below average results. This incorporates health status in several areas like attaining a tobacco free environment, being Heart Healthy,reducing risky alcohol use and drug dependence and also preventing and detecting cancer. These four are really posing a great challenge to the health sector of this borough in particular. This challenge is due to the fact that healthy people contribute positively to the economy of a region than unhealthy ones who drain away resources.

Apart from all this, the leadership in this borough is in the forefront to support the New York health care goals whereby the office of the president requires all the citizens to remain informed about the prevailing health conditions of the municipality. They are required to maintain a healthy state as it is the backbone to all other developments be it political, economical, social or spiritual.

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This was seen in the speech delivered by Hellen M. Marshall on January 13, 2008 where he expressed his great concern on the renovation of some hospitals as well as the construction of others. This reduces congestion in hospitals and gives doctors a chance to attend to patients in a more efficient way. He also assured residents that he is committed to work with the state to ensure the delivery of health care in the communities found in the Queens borough.

The Queens' borough stands out in its health conditions due to its ability to be in position to raise healthy children. According to New York neighborhoods health statistics the queens' borough has recorded very low number of infected infants and even those at adolescence stage by scoring the second least number of hospitalized infants for Asthma, injury and poisoning. This is an indication that the health sector here is seriously working towards the elimination of children infections and their death rates as well (NYC Dept of Health and Mental Hygiene, DHMH, 2010).

In the case of stopping and preventing the spread of HIV and Other Sexually Transmitted Infections, this borough has put its best foot forward. In this case, it has been in a position to record zero number of Aids cases among adolescent aged 10-17 years and youths aged 18-24 as per the 1987 statistics. Apart from this, Queens Health Network has also played a major role through An Integrated HIV/AIDS Service Delivery System which is responsible for complete health services. The latter also has an outreach programme that is meant for the clients .This is an awesome achievement as sexually transmitted diseases are prevalent among the youths and gives enough reason to conclude that this borough has really maintained high preventive measures in the spread of STDs (NYC Dept of Health and Mental Hygiene, DHMH, 2010).

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According to the reports given most surveys towards the advancement of health care in the New York neighborhood has always began in the Queens' borough. For example, the children national study which was meant to study the health conditions of children before and after they are born up to their adolescent stage has been established. It definitely follows that corrective measures have to be taken after the study and this borough will be among the first ones to be attended to hence giving it a chance to stand a better position in maintaining high standards of health.

In the case of the use of risky alcohol and dependence on drugs, the Queens borough has really played a great in reducing the rates of hospitals cases related to alcohol. Even though it is still a bit high but compared with the rest of the boroughs it's doing well. According to how things are, a good job is being done in the sector of recognizing and treating mental disorders. This is because as much as the Queens borough is highly populated, it has managed to reduce many hospitalized cases concerning mental disorders.

The Queens' borough has as well experienced failure in sectors like being heart healthy. According to the statistics taken in 2010 heart run, it was observed that the inhabitants of this borough are experiencing high hospitalized cases as well as death rates as a result of diseases like hypertension which are concerned with the heart. This shows that a lot of improvement has to come along this area to better this neighborhood. Queens' borough is registering high hospitalized rates of cancer cases. This is more prevalent among the youths aged between 25 years and above. In fact this is posing a great challenge to the preventive measures provided to detect and prevent cancer (NYC Dept of Health and Mental Hygiene, DHMH, 2010).

One of the health goals that is "below average" is being a tobacco free locality. There is every urgent need for Queens Borough to fight against smoking in order to lower numerous risks that the scourge poses. The main baseline for this argument is the fact that smoking has numerous effects most of which are health related and drains the economy through treatment and rehabilitation of affected people (Johnson & Salem, 1929). Tobacco contains harmful chemical components which move around the body causing damage. Nicotine, one of the harmful components of cigarettes reaches the brain instantly and in other body parts like breasts. On the other hand, carbon dioxide coats haemoglobin which helps red blood cells to efficiently carry oxygen all over the body. This may lead to immediate or slow damage of affected body cells.

Another serious effect of tobacco smoking that Queens Borough has to consider in establishing a free tobacco community is cancer. Tobacco contains carcinogens which have been found to destroy human genes that control growth and development of body cells. This leads to abnormal growth of cells leading to what is commonly known as cancer. Other chemicals contained in tobacco also affect the proper functioning of the immune system weakening body defence mechanisms. As a result, many tobacco smoking people become vulnerable to respiratory infections and other health risks. Notably, there are many people in Queens Borough who are ether affected directly or indirectly with tobacco smoking (NYC Dept of Health and Mental Hygiene, DHMH, 2010).

Based on fatal effects of tobacco smoking, it is vital for Queens Borough to put in place strategies aimed at controlling smoking among its people. This would highly promote health standards and prolong the lives of many who have become victims of tobacco smoking.

Quitting smoking enables a person to save his money and use it for constructive work like purchasing food and general improvement of living standards (Anthony & Kellam, 1998). Although it may be may be a challenge for victims to quit smoking due to withdrawal symptoms, it is important for Queens Borough to understand these as positive quitting signs.

Nevertheless, every resident has to emphasize the fact that helping people affected with tobacco smoking is everybody's responsibility. Therefore, every person has to take it as a personal burden and responsibility to support smoking victims. Relevant information should be given to residents pertaining smoking risks and quitting procedure. This can be achieved through adult education. Additionally, counselling is very important in helping those who smoke due to stress and mental instability. Medical support is also crucial in preventing smoking among Queens Borough residents. Those who are affected need to seek medical check and rehabilitate tobacco dependent victims. All these efforts should be guided by a sole aim of having a tobacco free society.


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