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Free «Therapeutic Effects of Reiki» Essay Sample

Reiki is an ancient Japanese type of treatment developed by Mikao Usui in 1922. It is a form of treatment where healing energy flows from the healer to the patient. Many people think of this energy as a divine healing power, which differs considerably from the human body energy. Although, Reiki uses spiritual power to heal, it is not a religion. There are Reiki practitioners otherwise known as “Reiki masters” who are certified to treat patients. Reiki masters can cure most forms of diseases ranging from simple headaches and stress to chronic diseases like cancer and leukemia. Those people who are interested in alternative forms of treatment find healing and other effects of it an enthralling subject to examine (Liebert, 1995 p.10).

The spiritual practice of Reiki is a simple form of treatment. It involves the patient lying on a massage table. S/he can also sit or stand, depending on the position that is most comfortable. The practitioner then uses his hands to massage areas around the head. Reiki energy flows from the practitioner through his hands to the client. The process usually lasts for 45-90 minutes (Lu%u0308beck, 1994 p.9).



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Reiki energy is an effective form of treatment. The energy serves to re-energize the patient by boosting his immune system. When the energy level is low the body is susceptible to diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to revitalize our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Our bodies can be boosted physically by alleviating physical pain. Reiki energy can help cure illnesses such as tiredness, skin diseases, headaches and body pains. It can also help boost the immune system to fight diseases. Finally, Reiki therapy helps unblock the vessels and cleanse the body by releasing toxins.

Reiki healing can help patient recover from the emotional distress by releasing negative energy and promoting positive one; thus it is also immensely helpful emotionally. As a result, the person becomes self confident and peaceful. The energy helps to eliminate negative thoughts, destructive emotions, physical trauma, destructive relationship, malnutrition and stress

Reiki energy is also mentally beneficial. It can have an effect on one’s thoughts and attitude towards life. Through the release of stress and tension, one can refocus his/her energy to achieving desirable goals and objectives. Reiki treatment results in complete relaxation of mind, body and soul, a prerequisite for mental health.

Spiritual health is another result of Reiki therapy. The therapy helps gain understanding with other individuals. It cultivates compassion, love, comprehension and acceptance of other people.

The advantage of using the therapy is the ease with which each person can perform it. The process of teaching or training a person to perform the therapy is referred to as attunement. It takes only a few hours to train another person perform some basic relaxation techniques. There are four stages of training according to the Tibetan system; level one, level two, master and advanced. Even children and pregnant women can all learn how to perform the therapy. It can even be performed on plants and animals.

Reiki therapy is also used to solve the crisis and the world’s biggest problems. Those individuals who have acquired Master’s level qualifications can focus their energy on solving these problems. There are some special techniques aimed at alleviation of pain by sending the energy to suffering people.

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The therapy is used to accompany other forms of treatment. It can be used hand in hand with medical and psychological treatments. A patient does not have to stop seeing a doctor to receive Reiki treatment (Barnett, 1996 p. 90). Patients are warned that it is only an alternative form of treatment, and it can work for them or not. It can be used in conjunction with patients undergoing chemotherapy, heart disease and post operation pain (Miles, 2008). As a rule, it shows itself to be especially effective in alleviating the pain right after the course of therapy.

Reiki is the only type of treatment, in which an individual can cure himself. After receiving an attunement, the person is qualified to treat others. As he treats others, he feels uplifted and relaxed (Beckmann, 2005 p.399). He also receives a healing as the energy flows through his hands to the patient. He can obtain a spiritual change and even sometimes gain an insight into the patient’s problems and, therefore, offer a solution for an advanced treatment.

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Studies to proof that Reiki therapy works have been lacking (Morris, 1998 p.10). One of the most frequently asked questions is whether it is beneficial to patients. A study undertaken on 200 cancer patients by American nurses had the following results. According to the results, those who received a therapy were more healed than those who did not obtain treatment. The patients who were undergoing chemotherapy and Reiki therapy recovered faster than those who did not. Besides, chemotherapy causes tiredness, depression and other side effects. These side effects were not so prevalent in those who undertook Reiki therapy. The only difference came between a trained Reiki therapist and a “sham” Reiki (Guardian online, 2012). However, the only thing that is important when providing treatment is a therapist’s ability to focus his energy to cure the patient (Beckmann, 2005 p.256).

The only weakness of Reiki method is that it is not a guarantee for all cases. However, in most situations, it proves to be perfectly effective in alleviating stress with improved psychological and physical being. In addition, it is a cheap and effective alternative form of treatment.


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