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I have gained a strong conviction to pursue a doctor degree in pharmacy hoping that this will assist me in achieving my career goals and open up many opportunities. I am always focused and this has eventually assisted me to accomplish various academic and professional ambitions. I also believe that I have all the qualities required to forge a victorious career.

When I was a small kid, I have always admired doctors and other medical consultants. Pharmacy has been my main interest and I have always desired to learn new techniques. I enjoyed working with my uncle who dealt with the patients suffering from different health problems. During my free time, I assisted him in the business and keenly observed how he handled the patients using the precise information about biological effects and chemical property of different groups of medications. I also had passion about organic chemistry, and it was there that I first I came to know the drugs structure

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Academically, I have been a strong-minded and serious person. I always set high expectations and work harder than anybody else in school and my Undergraduate classes in Biochemistry instilled more attraction towards pharmacy career. I have also volunteered in various pharmaceutical departments. My role was to help in licensing pharmacists, in retail, Mail Order pharmacies or medical facilities by offering health care and medication products to customers or patients. I also prepared medication, labeling bottles for prescription, counting tablets among other duties.

I have been a certified pharmacy technician in CVS/pharmacy for more than 2 years and presently working there. Am responsible for reading patient's charts, checking the order is correct, preparing medication, updating the patient’s charts for the medication delivered, and ensuring there is at least sufficient supply of medicine for patients.

The pharmacy degree will not only fulfill my professional objectives but will as well be an advantage to the society. It will also offer me an opportunity to pursue what I expect to learn and to carry out more research about the consequences of medication on the human body. As for my long term goals, I hope that I can help avert patients from getting the wrong medication. I want to put off the possible mistakes and I know that acquiring a Doctor of Pharmacy program will be my stepping stone to achieving my goals. Lastly, I will be in a better position to make a difference in the society. I am passionate to meet all challenges that will come my way as I pursue my dream career.


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