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Tupac Shakur was born in Harlem; Manhattan in June 1971, his life was surrounded by a lot struggle and incarceration. His parents moved from to Baltimore and then to California where his music career started taking good shape. In 1991, he released his first mix tape as an underground artist. Despite being one of the greatest rappers, Tupac has inspired a wide variety of rappers, singers, fans, and writers. Most of his songs have been rated greatly concerning socio-political influences in the world. He was an influential rapper who created a great impact on the society (Bastfield, Darrin Keith, 2002)  

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His songs have been known to broaden political and social awareness during the dark and hopeless times. One of his songs that continue to transform society includes 'changes'. The songs act as an inspiration to those who struggle with poverty, self-destruction, and poverty. In the song, Tupac foresees changes in lives of people where new era will be built on spirit intent and ideas based on truth. "Dear mama is another song that was gives appraisal to society and need for change (Price, E. (2003). Having grown up in ghettos, Tupac brought the best of his mother inspiring those people who may feel neglected not to blame their lives on their mothers instead work to better it.

His second album, just like the first one, Tupac expressed his political and social views in songs such as "Keep your head up" in which he inspires the young and old to work hard and never give up or be discouraged by their devastating social upbringing. Tupac highlighted his street life giving the mainstream society, a feeling of what people were going through in Ghettos, a song like 'Brenda's got a baby' is a powerful song describing the social injustices. He fought oppression in most of lyrics bringing in Black Nationalism ideology that was against social injustice, inequality and oppression. Music with social political message has much influence and it opens up the mind of people to accept change.

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