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Native American music has a rich collection of songs performed by various artists from as early as 1850. One of the greatest pieces is the Whispering journeys composed by Robert Tree Cody. This is one of the traditional flute music of the native America.

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This Native American song is a melodious song. The unique features of this song lie in the fact that it does have harmony and polyphony, and its practice is more of an instrumental art. The medium used in this song is the flute as a major wind instrument (Wishart, 2004). This song is quite characteristic because of its short of absolute pitch and intonation.

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The song does have a complete ascending pitch, but there is no complete descending pitch. There is a call in the song, but we cannot hear any response in it. The song does not have any voices in it, it achieve a tempo through the flute instrument. It does seem to have versus in it and a repeated chorus. Although it does not have voices, the flute also achieves the chorus. 

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The song has the same characteristics to what we heard in the lecture. The song is a traditional love song, so it has similar characteristics to we read from the text. The song is an instrumental song uses flute as its main medium. It also has an ascending pitch. This song has all the characteristics of a traditional song as it is described in the reading text.

In my personal impression, the song is a soothing love song, which has been able to survive all the centuries and still it is the most widely, used song. This song, like all the Native American music, is a way of communication with spiritual powers. It is a song, which is used for any fun, but rather it is used to bring results, for instance love.

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