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Influence of music on the young population was always a question for argue. This topic is also often raised nowadays. Young people get easily attracted by something new and more fore forbidden. In the beginning of the 60s a totally new stream in musical industry came on the light. Extraordinary, provocative and wild, it was taking over millions of youngsters on its side. An excellent example here would be the legendary song “Come together” of Beatles creation, outswinged by many-many artists like Tina Turner, Aerosmith, Michael Jackson and others. This single brings up a picture of unforgettable movie story “Across the Universe”, about an upper-class girl and a modest artist. This song became the OST for this movie. It pictured for many people the symbol of this decade: coming together of the white and black population. As Joe Cocker singed: “Come together, right now”, who could resist this tempting provocation?

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Rock’n’Roll became the general link which broke the boarders set centuries ago.  The time of middle 60-70s was all about the new stream witch took over the whole nation. The parents locked their children inside of the houses, they destroyed the dangerous music and tried to save the old order, the order of courtesy and decadency.

Recollecting the time of major abuse of the power of white people under the black one, the second group took the lead in the one thing in which they were the best: performing and composing music. Starting from the times of slavery, the one thing that was always permitted and commonly loved was a good note. Among all of the work and hard days it became an anthem of the humbled one.

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At this time in the United States as in the whole world there existed a straightly clear culture-boarder. Mainly this was a separation of one culture from another. The struggle between solid pillars of the old and secure, and something new and exiting begins in every house at the time when Muddy Waters, Little Walter and Bo Diddley are coming on the stage. The audience was given a new example of how two different roots of the music could be combined in to the one. How blending of different worlds and conceptions could bring something beautiful for the community. This was referring to getting together all the people. An example could be the Cadillac records in which two categories of people were working and creating together.

 This reacted in cultural disorder. Sex, drugs and Rock’n’Roll as we know came to the stage. Experiencing something new on a daily basis: as listening to a new stream of music, brought up a desire of experiencing something else: adrenaline. The money that the performers earned was enough to by new houses, cars, to allow yourself expensive drinks and drugs. The youth was always clearly impressed by the life style of their idols. The impression has risen a desire to copy that behavior. Here from the main idea that the music caused the extension of abuse under the youngsters. Although mainly the fault should be given not to the music, but only to the insolvency to cope with the desire to shine before the others.

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As one of the classics of this time sang: “There's a long and lonesome road;
That will find our world like it used to be babe” (Shocking Blue – “Long and lonesome road”). And for many people that joined the army at this time, there where a lot of lonesome roads in Vietnam. Here from also a new cultural stream came up: assaulting the politics and praising the peace – the hippies. Protests in all forms became the most wanted at this time.

Rock’n’Roll was the most expected answer to all of this. As Elvis sang: a little less conversation, a little more action please… This music was by all means a freedom dare. It was rocking out the war, rocking out the old criteria of living and was the new cheer for the new generation. It was a response for every action taken by the government. Especially concerning the war in Vietnam.

The 60’s became the time of geniture of new sub-cultures, extremely positive and open-minded. It mainly brought together the worlds and desires of black and white. The end of separation of this two had to come with time. How noble is that this was brought up by such a common thing as music.

A life style opposite as it came to all, became one of the most popular music directions nowadays. As the people were falling in love with it, they started learning how to live together in peace, listen to the music together, fighting together and dying together.

Influence of anything that could touch a human heart should never overrated like it was with the Rock’n’Roll in the beginning. Most were frightened by it, by breaking the old traditions and beliefs. But mainly it brought the best to all: connection. Connection of generations, classes and thinking. Everyone can talk about the time Rock’n’Roll madness with their genitors. Even today it help us to connect with that time and get a little snick pick on that what our predecessors life was and how they wished to get in acquaintance with the world and with each other.

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