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Free «Song Analysis – “Der Kommissar”» Essay Sample

Any complicated material or substance that requires research must undergo particular analysis (Richard & Jones 48). The analysis is a complex process of dividing the object under research into smaller parts in order to better understand its essence (Richard & Jones 48). There exist different forms of analysis which are applied to extract significant parts comprehensively. For instance, researchers may employ statistical analysis, SWOT analysis, comparative analysis, narrative analysis and many other methods of data collection.

This paper will focus on a musical analysis of a specific song (Richard & Jones 48). The name of the song is “Der Kommissar”; it was written by a couple of authors, namely Robert Ponger and Falco. The song was originally recorded by Falco in 1981. Next year, the song was remade by Laura Branigan; as a result, the fresh version of the song under investigation not only enrolled at the fifth place in ‘Billboard top 100 songs list of all times’, but also achieved peak level of popularity in many countries, especially the USA (Richard & Jones 48). The track “Der Kommissar” was recorded and converted in 3 different versions, but all are indicating the equivalent thing and received the same positive responses. Many singers from different countries have been individually singing this song till 1984; by the year 1986, there were already 20 singers performing the song or its remakes. The principal idea of the song “Der Kommissar” refers to “The Commissioner”.



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Falco, who brought glory to this track, was born on January 19, 1957. He was an Austrian rock and pop singer; in addition, he practices rapping in his works. He was considered as one of the most popular musicians in the 20th century and usually denoted as the “King of Rock 'n' Roll” or simply “the King”. The popular track version recorded by Falco is a totally rock format music. Since the 1970s, the song has appeared in many blockbuster movies as a soundtrack, especially in epic movies.

The Song’s Cultural Context

The song is strongly reflecting the culture of Germans with a European touch. “Der Kommissar” by Falco is a typically dance floor song which received fame and recognition in Europe as well as western countries (Richard & Jones 48). This song mainly focuses on the subject of avoiding the law as well as taking drugs. This music piece combines rap verses with a sung chorus and draws attention towards the British band After the Fire and the American artist Laura Branigan, who composed both of their songs in different manners and applying various approaches (Joan, E. & Dejan, K, p.58).

Musical Dimensions

Now we enter into the next phase of this project; here we will discuss several dimensions of music via various examples (Richard & Jones 48). Musical dimension may be identified under two major categories: vertical and horizontal dimensions (Richard & Jones 48). Vertical dimension can be classified as the collection of relationships of notes that ensue at the same time. The horizontal dimension of music, in turn, is a more basic factor composed of a series of notes as well as the relationship between the silent pauses (Joan, E. & Dejan, K, p.58).  There exist six temporal fundamental dimensions of music; these involve:

  • Melody
  • Harmony
  • Rhythm
  • Texture
  • Timbre


Melody is determined as the most influencing element of music. The term melody can also be linked to tune, voice, or line. Basically, the melody is symbolized as a linear continuous tone that the audience has clearly recognized and felt as a single entity (Richard & Jones 48). Typically, every form of melody includes one or a plurality of musical phases or patterns and processes of song replication take place in various forms. The track “Der Kommissar” is typically based on the collective acquaintances between R&B and dance & pop as well as their variations. In Falco’s interpretation of “Der Kommissar”, the pop & dance influence is still obvious. Nevertheless, the accent is on the background while the electric guitar plays a key role to generate an attractive sound track (Joan, E. & Dejan, K, p.58).

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According to Music Convention, the notes of the popular melody “Der Kommissar” are expressed by the frequency of the tone in the scale, and the harmonic intervals draw attention to the distance between the two notes performed at the same time (Richard & Jones 48). Generally, it is exemplified in harmony, which is considered as the most leading factor in composing this unique remake artwork. In western music, songwriters have been extensively applying extreme harmonica elements in their songs. This song is characterized by the use of pitches (notes, tones) and chords at the same time, while the principle of harmonious research involves chords and their construction as well as chord and connection management (Joan & Dejan 14).


Rhythm is another vital element in the chamber of music. Unique rhythm gives a whole new look at music works; musicians can alter the rhythm of their works just by changing the pitch in conventional manner. After conducting some small adjustments to the pace and structure of the original song “Der Kommissar”, which was first written and recorded as a traditional blues song, it was converted into a rock hit by altering its rhythm and formation (Richard & Jones 45). The remake of this song is clearly different in terms of rhythm compared to the original version. The blues introduction of the pace is relatively fast-paced; guitar pieces provide more driving rhythmic framework singing, and the bass line is typical of many rock songs (Richard & Jones 48). Such adjustments create the unique nature of each piece, and provide each piece with its own features. In this element, the timing of the notes is truly vitally essential in relation to its defined parameters (Richard & Jones 48).

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The music piece “Der Kommissar” is the blockbuster hit, especially the one originally recorded by Falco. Falco’s version of the song touched the peaks of its success at that time; he sold more than 4 million copies during the first stage of its release (Richard & Jones 45). The track proved to be auspicious and made its author prominent rather quickly. At the commencement of July 1956, the song broke the record of persistently holding the first position for the next 11 weeks and could have stayed at the top position unless the song “Love me Tender” occupied the first spot, which was also furnished by Falco. There is no doubt about the creativity of the musicians who provide such striking diversions to the public with new themes every time in terms of composition as well as by changing the dimensions of music to form a unique product (Joan, E. & Dejan, K, p.58). It is indeed a successful effort because the first recorded version of the song was not expected to touch the high consideration level. As a consequence, Falco transformed the song into a solid rock and pop format due to which it became successful and popular.

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