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Free «Intro Jazz “Live Concert Report”» Essay Sample

The Jazz live concerts held at Mehdi Cayenne Club and Louis-Philippe Robillard were historic events that arguably have not happened in the recent past. All the clubs had fans packed to capacity waiting for the live performances. Apart from the large audience, the lightings of the event were the best for the show. Generally, the whole organization was commendable.

The Turnout of the Concerts

According to the schedule, the live concert was to kick off at 21h30. However, as early as 1800h, revelers had started streaming into the clubs. Notably, the fans had started to come early since everybody wanted to get space at an ideal place where they could get best of the entertainment. The early comers booked their spaces as they enjoyed the Jazz music that was exclusively being played that night. As at 2000h, it was a full house and one could hardly hear a word since revelers were in a jovial mood dancing to the Jazz tunes. The best moment was the awarding for the first 300 fans to enter the clubs. All of the fans got free compact disks with compilation of Jazz music. By then, it was almost 21h30 and the show had to kick off.



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At exactly 21h30, fans got an introduction of what they had been waiting for. At first, there was a moment of silence as the master of ceremony introduced the bands to the crowd. The bands hit the stage with their recently released song. That made the crowd to go crazy, as everybody in the crowd seemed to know the song. They danced and sang along the band’s performance. Surprisingly, even the next three songs that the band performed had the same reception, of fans singing along the whole performance. After performing five songs, it was time for the band to take a break before they embark on the entertaining mission. On the breaks, a fan had to hit the stage and perform any of the band’s songs. This was a competition of its own as many fans tried hard to perform so that they could win the band’s tee shirts. At this time, it was around 23h30 and the band was ready to embark the stage and thrill fans for a second round. The second round of their performance then commenced with their first ever recorded song. This was a nice throwback and had the power to move the masses. The show moved on until early hours of the following day when people started streaming out of the club, happy for they had enjoyed the performances and the lucky ones had even won stuffs likes caps and tee shirts.

The Clubs Sound System

According to the general performance, the sound system of the club was good. The sound was well selected and organized for the performance of the Jazz music. Notably, one could hear every word sung; leave alone for the instruments played. The good response by fans as they sung along to the band’s performance was courtesy of the sounds. Fans could get each word unlike other clubs that fail and use irritating sounds. Talking with to the revelers after the show, everyone was happy and did not regret paying for the show.


In conclusion, the security was excellent at the clubs. The clubs had security personnel all over to maintain peace and order for the night. With security well maintained, fans enjoyed all through the night without concerns about their safety. Generally, the Jazz concert at Mehdi Cayenne Club, and Louis-Philippe Robillard were historic events that arguably have not happened in the recent past


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