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Rock and roll music that  took its root and flourished in the decade  in 1950's and 1960's gains its popularity globally as a vibrant and energetic form of music that is instrumental, rhythmic that evoked basically American youths and kids to dance with highly accented beats in different tempos of this pop music[Ennis]. This period of musical vivacity is an age of prosperity that is distinctively contrasted with the monotonous classical country or jazz music of the old generations.

This post-war musical transition not only refers to a music style or represents a genre of music that is a reaction against the classical old music but it has a cultural influence on the young minds that bind them together with new inspiration to depict the bleak features of the stern realities that contribute a lot in social transformation and reformation. The rock music relieves the youth from the frustration and let them enjoy the joy of youthful life. The conglomeration of the various styles of music around the world produces a new sound and rhythm that inspires the teenagers of Americans and the other countries to respond to the various social issues such as war, sexuality, ecology, world hunger, race relations etc. and begins a golden era of music.

The rock musicians and artists who enjoy a freedom of expression and emotional spontaneity encourage the young generation with high fashion and luxurious styles that brings trend of the odd dress habits among the fans. The Beatles and Elvis groups of musician undoubtedly usher a remarkable change in the society [Altschuler] that gives a rebellious zeal and strong mind to the youths to protest against the social evils but it also makes the band musicians and stars inclined to use the drugs as a medium of recreations that has a harmful impact on the society. In the present era, the rock music fever permeates a large section of younger generations that sometimes ruins the outlook and attitudes of the youth leading them to sex, violence, suicide, drugs that is no longer optimistic.


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