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Free «Jesus Draw Me Close» Essay Sample

The song starts with a brief introduction which is done by use of a piano. Smooth vocals from the piano are heard at the beginning of the song before the person singing starts to perform. Only one person can be heard performing the song. The song has four choruses and there are slight breaks between the end of a verse and the beginning of a chorus. However, the breaks are smooth and the piano acts as the transition medium from a verse to a chorus and from a chorus to a verse. The beat in the song is steady and it remains the same from the beginning to the end.

Syncopation can be clearly heard from the song whereby the person singing shifts her accent as the piano's beats shifts (Hemphill). Due to the smoothness of the song, syncopation meter can be said to be average or medium. The stylist feature of the voice that can be heard from the person performing the song is ability to hit very low notes and then make a transition to slightly higher notes by use of syncopation. This song can be categorized as gospel music because it is smooth, inspiring, and uplifting while at the same time, it is fun to listen to (Plamer). A piano is the only instrument which can be heard from the song. The song has a smooth ending just like its beginning (Hemphill). The end of the song is done by use of vocals from the piano.


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