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Subculture is basically described as a group of people who practice a culture that they feel is marginalized / different from the culture of the large section of the community that they are living in. therefore subculture is mostly seen as a negative practices this is because they always criticize the main normal social standards, thus in other words subcultures is seen as a grouping of sharing the same ideologies in order to that they are In a position to express there solidarity and ideas in attempts aimed at developing a sense of belonging and identity in the society that they are in.

In this paper I am going to highlight on the ways that musical subculture is highly expressed in the song "Until the End" by Breaking Benjamin, but before that we need to have some basic information about this group Breaking Benjamin, this is a four man American Rock band from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, and since its formation in 1998 the group has managed to release four albums, the group has also had controversies for producing songs that are portrayed to be negative to the society's expectations, thus in this paper I am going to highlight on the band's song "Until the End".

In each and every society there are different perceptions and happenings that each and every individual in the society faces, therefore in the song "Until the End" by Breaking Benjamin the Band was basically trying to tell there music lovers that it is very easy for a person to overcome his/ her challenges without giving up an resorting to dangerous activities such as Drug Abuse, Social Injustices, or even Committing suicide (Smith, par 3). These are some of the ways in which an individual can be able of ensuring that they are safe from indulging in activities that will harm them after there failure in a certain task, the song through its lyrics is trying to encourage the people to never give up in that they should keep on struggling and they will overcome these problems.

In the song sign of encouragements are expressed in the song in several lines in the song a good example in the song is in the chorus "Why give up, why give in? It's not enough, it never is. So I will go on until the end......" In the chorus of the song the greater section of the chorus is an encouragement for the people who feel less appreciated by the community that they live in, in that the person listening will be in a position of being consoled by the songs chorus, this I when the singer asks the listener "Why give up, why give in?" this will automatically make the listener to review at his life in general and after that the listener will be in a position evaluate at what he wants in life, thus transforming from the worst to better (Breaking Benjamin, par 2).

Another incidence of sub cultural culture in the song is in the 8th line of the first verse which goes "I feel it growing stronger I'll live to die another day, Until I fade away." Which according to me are words of encouragement to a given individual that he should able to transform what is said to be unreal to being real and working at his own favor. "Until the End" IS a song that is shows that everything is possible without any reasonable doubts, this is very promising because the song is used as a device that is to be used the relieve them of stress in an individual.


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