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She was in the alley at midnight. Alone. She had been to a rave and was walking home. Suddenly she heard a crushing sound that came from the road which was barely a hundred yards from where she was. A car had hit the road side, and the screams from inside the car suggested that some help could do the occupants good, if not justice. Though hesitant, she decided to help. After all, who else would? She was the only one around. As she walked towards the car, she hesitated again and thought of running home, which was almost five hundred yards away, to tell her dad, but then she figured by the time she rushed home and came back the victims would have died. She made up her mind and rushed and quickly opened the car door expecting to find people who were badly injured. She fainted.

Inside an edifice in New Mexico City, two men sat in a couch discussing their next step of their game plan. In the next room, Marilynn woke up, to find herself in a sealed room, except for a window which was slotted at the top of one side of the wall with metallic window grills. There were also a chair and a table. It had been ten hours of a coma. She could hear voices coming from the next room but could not make out any of them, or even what they were talking about. In a moment, the truth hit her hard. She had been kidnapped.

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Kidnapping cases had been on the rise in New Mexico, and more than ten girls had reportedly been kidnapped within the last twelve months, and had not been found. Two of the girls, though, had been found. They had been dumped in a trench by the roadside in the city’s suburbs, dead and some organs in their bodies missing. Marilynn had been at the center of all this since one of the girls was her cousin. She had gone to a school trip only to return late at night. Her dad, whom she had called earlier, to tell him she would be late and would need him to meet her, had taken their mother to the maternity for delivery.

Just about the same place that Marilynn had met the kidnappers, she met a woman who seemingly, was about to deliver. She appeared to be in pain and would do with her help. She had never seen the face before around, and this made her treble a bit, but her mother had been pregnant around the same time too and they expected her to deliver in a few days. She figured that her mother too, would need somebody to help her. Even if it meant the doctor. She hesitated, but the thought of her mother undergoing the same pain gave her enough conviction that she should help the lady. After all, who would bother to feign as a pregnant women. Not even all women wanted to get pregnant, anyway.  She stooped to support her to the ground. Suddenly, a light shone from behind them. As she faced backwards to see where the light was coming from, a thud! She had been kicked hard with a club at the back of the head. She went missing for a whole week, only to be found dumped in a ditch. Dead. Marilynn had seen her, and she had never cried like that before. She had been her best friend.

She knew she had to do something. She went for the chair figuring she could use it to reach the window and try her luck to sneak through it. She lifted the chair to place it on the table. The men in the other room stopped talking. She thought they heard her drag the chair. They continued talking. There was a lamp hanging on the wall. As she lifted the chair she hit the lamp, and it fell.

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Back home, her parents had begun wondering what had kept her too long. Her father had a feeling he did not like. He called Marilynn’s closest friend to inquire about her whereabouts during the day only to be told that she was the first to leave the farewell party that had been held in one of their classmate’s home. Marilynn had looked stressed the whole day at school and said she wanted some time alone. Her friend had seen her leave the party and tried to plead with her to wait until the party was over, so that they could go home together. Marilynn had insisted on leaving. Her dad suddenly knew what was bothering him. Her daughter was in trouble. He called his oldest son who had joined the military, and had been deployed at Kirtland’s Air Force base, and who had been promoted to the post of an army commander a month ago.

The lamp was just about to hit the ground when Marilynn stretched her leg so that the lamp fell on it and the sound was not too loud. Luckily the men in the other room did not hear. She was sweating out of fear and decided to relax on the chair to cool herself down. This made her even more nervous because she knew she had very little time to save her own life. She decided to go ahead. Just after she had climbed on the table, one of the men was coming towards her room. She heard him coming, and she knew it was the end of her. He pushed the door but just as he was about to enter, the other man called out a name. He went back.

She went for the window though to her surprise, it was the fourth floor. The spaces between the grills were small but she was not big too. She had wanted to be a model all her life and the opinion that the slimmer one is the sexier they are, inspired her in losing weight. Well, her beauty qualified her as a model. She had the sexiest eyes, dimples and a nice pair of legs. She had won the beauty pageant in her school. Most of the male students whose esteem could match her ego tried to woo her around. Even some of the younger teachers, through one way or the other, would not have minded a tête-à-tête with her. She did not tolerate that kind of behavior. She had been brought up under Christian principles. She was also the best student in her class, academically, and was looking forward to joining the university, with the family having a lot of expectations from her. She was the brightest of the family of three.

A look of the outside almost killed all the hope she had of escaping her death. The only thing she was sure about was that should she decide to jump out of the window, she would have a more painful death. She was in a dilemma. Just then, the door swung open.

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Her older brother had arrived home and was told what happened. It was more than ten hours without them having heard anything about her. They knew what it was, but they did not want to admit that they would not see Marilynn again, and even if they did, she would be in a ditch somewhere in the city’s suburbs, dead and lacking some organs. Fernando Sucre, Marilynn brother’s name, knew he had to do something quickly. The more they waited the lower the chances went of finding her alive. Luckily, there had been ongoing investigations by the military in New Mexico about the escalating number of kidnapping cases. A counterpart of Sucre was the head of the committee that was carrying out investigations. He had requested him for coffee that evening to brief him on the progress of the investigations. He had told him of a building in New Mexico City where the kidnappers were allegedly based. He could not remember exactly which building he had been told. He tried to call his counterparts phone, but it was on voice mail. He knew he had to recall the name of the building. Just then, the house girl called his phone. He remembered the name of the building.

The kidnapper entered and with a single look at the room, he knew she was gone. He climbed to look out through the window and could not figure out how she could have jumped off. He informed his colleague who could not swallow the thought. They were either to find her or flee because she would alert the police of their presence and activities. Running away would mean that their boss would find them and the consequences of such ‘incompetence’ are dire in every sense of the word. One of them was to go out in the streets while the other monitored the other rooms. Marilynn had tried to hold her breath so as not to alert the kidnappers who had been slightly beneath her discussing her retrieval. She was just beyond the window, and should she have made any movement or sound, they could have caught her. She waited for them to move out of the room when she carefully moved along the wall towards the window of the next room. The rest of the rooms had normal windows. The room in which she had been held was supposed to be a store. Just as she was about to peer through the window and ask for some help, he saw one of the kidnappers inside. Probably enquiring them if they had seen her. She thought he had been seen, and just as she was rushing to get off his sight, she almost fell.

The building Sucre had in mind was the St Regins Hotel and Residences. The house girl’s name was Regina. He packed his car and moved quickly into the reception with a photo of Marilynn and his badge to enquire if they had seen such a person. The reception directed him to room no.194, saying that she entered accompanied by two men, and none of them had left the building since. Sucre called his father to tell him he got them and cocked his gun. He went and knocked on the room’s door ready to shoot. After knocking twice without an answer, he forced his way in. There she was, a girl of Marilynn stature and looks having ‘a good time’ with the two men. He could not believe it. He stormed out of the room and leaned against a window on the wall. He saw her.

Marilynn was hanging from a window balcony and was almost about to give in out of fatigue. She heard a sound of a gunshot, and she almost let herself fall. It had been her brother. He had shot one of the kidnappers, and came and expeditiously pulled her off the window. They hugged for almost ten minutes without talking. Just as they were about to leave they heard a gunshot. Sucre was shot twice in the shoulder, and he fell. Luckily the kidnapper’s gun was out of ammunition. The gun of the dead kidnapper was on the ground. The other one went for it when Sucre caught his leg, and he fell. He signaled for her to take the gun which she did and shot the kidnapper.

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