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Lavincia could not see how life would continue after this. Her hopes were all shattered and how was she to raise the five children now that Pridant her husband was no longer there to support them and the whole village laughing at her. She could no longer bear all this pain owing nowhere else to go. She fixed the loose rope hanging on the branch tightly, closed her eyes and kicked the three legged stool she was standing on. Suicide was the only solution to all her problems.

It all started when Lavincia, a very beautiful young lady despised her parents will not to marry a wealthy man named Pradiant in their village. Lavincia enticed Pridant to divorce her first wife for her to be his only wife which Pridant did without hesitation. Pridant was the only employed person in that village who used to work in the city and could come every weekend to visit his wife Lavincia and five children which were one year apart from one another.

When coming home Pridant would call his wife to the nearby shopping center where he would buy a lot of stuff then their servant was to carry them home with a wheelbarrow which used to produce a lot of noise as it was never oiled hence informing everyone that Pradiant was back from city. Pradiant and his wife followed behind the servant holding hands laughing on top of their voices for all to hear. A newspaper hanging on the other side of Pridiant's hand was a proof that he was indeed coming from the city as there was no selling of newspapers elsewhere. Lavincia could not do any work and she had to pay other women to do all the work including home chores.

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A time came when the government installed new technology in its organization which led to lying off of some workers where Pridant was one of them. The benefit money he was given he told his wife he will start a business in the city so that he could not go to stay in the village. He used all the money to start the business but still used to go to the village as usual with a lot of shopping for his family only. Owing him had no experience on how to manage business, with time the business assets continued to decline, debts increasing and the sales reducing also.

Over some time the business collapsed and to maintain his stay in the city and also to pay the excess debts after business liquidation, he started selling home furniture. When there was nothing else to sell, she returned home to start farming vegetables to maintain his family. Owing that everybody hated them for their pride, nobody was buying their products hence the had to eat all of it. Their children now were going to school with patched clothes and being laughed by the other students.

Life was now getting hard for pridant family as the drought season approached. they had hardly afford a meal per day and owing nobody would help them they were living on wild fruits which the collected from nearby forest. The children were sent away from school due to school fees and also because they were hungry moreover because their uniform now were full of different colored patches.Pridant could not even sell piece of his land as all villagers claimed the land was cursed.

Pridant could not face all this problems any more as every day he wished he was lenient to other neighbors and also wishing he used his money wisely now he would not be facing all those problems. Early on a Sunday morning as people was attending church they found Pridiant's body swinging on a tree beside the road. Lavincia could not believe that she was left alone with nowhere to go to and with five little children to cater for. This seemed like a mountain impossible to climb and now all was left one solution, following the husband. She also committed suicide on the same tree, the same way as her husband deed. The children were left to end up being street children or die which ever fate was on their side.


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