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As the world is constantly facing the aspect of change, it is becoming increasingly evident that the level of knowledge held by each and every individual should be elevated to a specified level. It is as if we are approaching perfection by the way we are perfecting the approach. Even as the rest of the world is inclining towards useful knowledge one person I know, by the name of Dave, is certainly destined to lag behind from the way he has been conducting his life.

Probably the most famous guy from the neighborhood his life revolves around petty stuff that depicts some kind of ignorance. Having dropped from school on several occasions Dave was unequivocally destined for doom as evident in the kinds of philosophies he held dear. With a mentality that is obviously devoid of intelligence, the young man's ways are bred on principles of shady capitalistic ideologies that easily drive one to act in selfishness on issues that hold no water. Although he has many dreams and ambitions in his mind, Dave is to success what luxury is to poverty. This has been boosted by the fact that he takes no time to implement his dreams with the best thing he does being the talk and no walk at all.

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Therefore, whenever the impulse to act on his dreams arises, he shoves it off posing an attitude of having enough with enough. Looking keenly at his tendency to be left behind, one is able to discover the issue of intellectual inability that does more harm than good in this era of knowledge. While his peers toil around in search of knowledge and making ends meet, Dave is usually busy lazing around the neighborhood in search of fantasies that drove him into incarceration a number of times back. His ill advised beliefs drive him towards believing in his own versions of right and wrong preferring to laze around other than follow the example of other youths. It is as if the darkness is light watching him seemingly raise a gun with no bullets ready for self defense.

All those who have known him will definitely turn their heads wherever they meet him probably being reminded of his many episodes in the neighborhood by his sight. His story is actually interesting for the entertainment part of it, albeit certainly not for those concerned with his future. Some people may term it as a life that was given to him while others put the burden on his shoulders considering the choices he makes.

In conclusion, Dave can be classified as an intellectual dwarf in this era of dependence on the real capability of person as prepared by good education and individual hunger for success and intelligence. The illusions of wealth that run through his brain must actually be addressed to him by those who care since the message may not be penned down but it is evident. He definitely has a chance in these changing times courtesy of change.


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