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Each of the past generation in the USA has certain experiences that they encounter and this has created an impact in the lifestyle. In brief, it is described that the glory days of the United States of America is gone in many ways. The basis of this work is on change of innocence by the American generation as away of decline from the initial peak.

As described in the story of the lost boy authored by Wolf, the events reflects that the world of change had to be confronted and the boy had just to live in the present changing world with the captured experiences of his life (Wolfe, 1937). The present events by then had changed the perception of everyone and the boy could not buy his youthful idea of the artist and the family values at the time. The changing life experiences had changed the general lifestyle and innocence is greatly lost through witnessing of deaths more often as Eugene, the lost boy had witnessed the death of Grover (Wolfe, 1937). The life changes and these when summed up results in the change of national character in the American people due to bad and good experiences.

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It was highly believed that America was founded as a nation of innocence, in the old period of frequent war, strive and tyranny. The generations over the centuries have experience which had constantly reminded them that life is last but one. In the story, the snow of Kilimanjaro by Hemingway, there was a presentation of the killers as a moving episode that reflected death experiences and was accepted as a periodical in America. This changed the perception of many American citizens and lead to the loss of innocence because at one time the author quoted, “I did not mind killing anything” (Hemingway, 1999). This lamentation exposed the loss of innocence in him and in general as an American and a respected figure, who had won the Nobel peace price, signified that innocence was depreciating in America gradually.

In Steinbeck’s story, “leader of the people”, Steinbeck, (1936), there is a symbolic reflection which showed that Americans could be longing for the past when there was both courage and adventure that had conquered unknown. The book mirrored anxiety in the American culture by clearly inquiring the next move since the frontier was closed in 1890 (Steinbeck, 1936). There is losing of American innocence in this case and that’s why culture was tearing a part. There is also the reflection of events that occurred in the life and death cases. The experience got by the young Jody who had a passion for pony and was able to own one, had a life changing experience when he witnessed his pony die against his wish. These affect him and America as a whole.

There is loss of hope and determination when an event which is so painful take place in the American own view. This results in violation of their own rights because there was loss of innocence which initially their springboard for better future in the American Dream. In general, there was an erosion of rights to the Americans population (Steinbeck, 1936). The urge for migration of the people as indicated by Steinbeck shows that American Citizens were anxious for experience that they could get in the new places, which created empathy for the characters involved.

American experiences make them not achieve their initial dreams. The mining business explosions in Territory of Nevada demoralize the people, especially the narrator in the book (Twain, 2010). There were many several mishaps, other judgment errors and mistakes experienced in their life that prevented the realization of the innocence need of the people (Twain, 2010). This offers challenges for the American people and finally their innocence and the American dream depreciate greatly. There is however, need to have hope again and forget the experiences to stand strong and reclaim the innocence.


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