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The future of web design is concerned about progressing above and beyond manipulative for one device. It is all concerned about mobiles, but mobiles are of vital importance. Users of the web are accessing the web from different sources such as tablets, laptops, mobile smartphones and desktop computers. The websites need to keep on changing to adapt and respond to various platforms in an effective and fluent manner. For a long duration, web design was based on print design practices, but the web has never been a static center. Therefore, web is not an unchanging width. The web is a universal platform and its future lies in the hands of world’s designers. They are people who are tinkering, toying, shaping, pushing and crafting it in an infinite number of guidelines.

Open Types fonts enlightened the web designers in the year 2011. In what was referred to as “the @fonts-face revolution”, these modern embeddable fonts gave the web designers smart fonts to have control and to play with them. For example, HTML5 designers emerge the most talked regarding programmers’ verbal communication and CSS3 emerge the latest typical for CSS. When referring about devices, Mobile and Responsive Web Design emerge largely essential trends. To conclude all of the aforementioned, buzz terms will determine the future of the web.

Web design is not just about resizing a site fit on the iPhone. There are a lot of details needed to be considered by the designers. For instance, when Apple upgraded resolutions on the iPhone for the last years, web designers had to change and upgrade the images for the user to have the same extreme experience across all the podiums.


The aim of this research proposal is to come with the clear implication of the future web design to the social life and cultural practices. Furthermore, the research paper aims at investigating into the future web design in relation to technology advancement. In addition, the paper aims at looking at the connection between theorist in the society and the future web design.

Research Objectives

To find out the relationship between future web design and the social life of people.

To determine how future web design affects the cultural lifestyle across the universe.

To find out how technical advancement and web design are interconnected.

To find out the attitude and views of theorist regarding the future web design.

Methods of Data Collection

The dissertation proposal will collect data from the secondary sources. This means that the researcher will collect information from books, magazines, journals, related articles and the Internet.

Research Methods

Research methods are the techniques used in undertaking research. They refer to the methods applied by the researcher in the course of studying the problem. They help the researcher in achieving his objectives. The following are the methods that are going to be applied in achieving the objectives stated above.

The overall researcher activity will be well-planned and logically designed. The researcher will clearly state the research problem and the purpose of the research.

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The research will use secondary information throughout the research.

The data collected is going to be analyzed using appropriate computer software.

Social Aspect

The vision of the future of web design features insight into new online market place, new search engines and provides a solution for spam and phishing. It will create a new platform that builds on today’s entire world web. It will also make possible for new generation useful and powerful application. Future of web design will incorporate a universe of association that shows the real life connection between organizations, people, websites, products, services and other entities. Web design provides search engines that have a better result every time when one uses the web. It creates a marketplace where the best services and products are provided. The market place provides a field for advertising goods and services that one can sell. Furthermore, a future web design will enable people to have an easy access of their contacts’ current information all the time they require them (A Ant Ozok, 2012).

The web will enable the future generation to do some incredible things - publish, share, communicate and shop at ease. People’s data and content will be more connected than before. People will be able to converse with their families, friend and their colleague easily. Furthermore, the social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace have created a social ground where people make new friends. Therefore, individuals’ friends are going to be in their own content, everything is to be interconnected. The future of web design will also create new job opportunities. This will help the unemployed to seek jobs from the developed web sites; moreover, many other opportunities will be created by web design (John Seely Brown, 2002).

On the other hand, the future of web design will contribute negatively to the social life of different groups of people around the globe. New social networks will consume time. It is because some people will become addicted spending much of their time in these social networks. In addition, some of the images found in some web sites will negatively impact social lives. For example, pornography films and images.

Cultural Concept

Development of the Internet, digital culture optimism, believed that there would be a change in the game. The Internet changed and future web design will continue to change not only people’s way of life, but also the industrial sector. The Internet removed the need for shipping, storing, manufacture and low cost digital tools that allowed artist to record from their own home. People predict that the growth and development of web design will lead to reduction of cost in many fields such as the industrial sector. Transparency will be a fact since Google and other corporations know everything concerning humankind. It is just a matter of time that this information will be available to every man (Dawnson, 2011).

The American government and Google have already signed an agreement to develop technology that will possibly attack terrorists. The future web will change the content of production to become automated. Large corporations will depend on content factories that can estimate consumer’s necessities and habitat real-life situations. Besides information being automated, the content will be wholly personalized. Information will be delivered to people without query, based upon world trend, community-based and lifetime habit. Therefore, future web will change the cultural way of living.

People live in times of increasing cultural diversity and rapid cultural changes. The future of web design will create a platform where people will learn, understand and appreciate the cultural practices of different groups of people (Kock, 2008).

Technical Concept

There is a physical hardware component and the processing power. The Internet has developed to be a complex web of associations in the same way as the brain works. That was the point to share 7 terabytes per second and had 55 trillion links by 2006, quite the same with synapses in human brain. The web is duplicating its quantity of processing energy every two-year period. For example, if we take the present web data equivalent to one human brain, with this rate of growth, by 2030 the web will be equivalent to 6 billion individual brains. Therefore, the web will go beyond the dispensation power of the whole humanity (Carol Lipson, 2005).

Tablets, cell phones and devices with screens are becoming all meager two-way portal to this obscure information. Plato’s theory of the world of ideas is captivating the whole connotation. The content of information will be accessible in any gadgets and a modern war of standard will come out. HTML5 dispute and flash will minor devices compared with what is expected to emerge. Hardware prices continue to drop hence increasing processing power in pockets than all computers has contributed to life until now joined. Computers will no longer be a conservatory of human understanding; relatively, they will be an addition of cloud information. Portable devices will be a way for the web to obtain information of the current world so as to understand the presentation of it. Time will come when every living thing and single object will have a depiction in this obscure information in the course of RFID or any device that comes along. Software such as the iPhone layer is already taking steps toward this field. Therefore, reality of the real world will be embedded in peoples’ brain and eye, putting the web into experience and inserting individual’s experiences inside the web. “Strange days”, “Blade Runner” and “Minority Report” seems to look naïve and old. Software standard and processing power adoption will fast facilitate to real-life computing. A situation where amount of information that goes through the web each and every second will be fast, even the future can predict (Moll, 2008).

Theorist Concept

Future of web design will help theorist in the society to reduce the cost of their work. Web design will reduce the fee of the research carried out by theorist in the society. Moreover, web development and web design aid in marketing their services and goods. Therefore, theorists are in the first line of advocating the growth of the web. Theorist includes people such as professors, lawyers and prominent businessmen in the society. For example, if there is developed marketing dossiers for patent lawyers, web design can aid to decrease rates for other patent lawyers and well tune for sub-specialty and specific markets.


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