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The aim of this speech is to create awareness to the audience to learn to be assertive when assessing other people’s work. It assists in molding those with aggressive behaviors to change their ways and emulate a positive attitude. This involves treating others in a compassionate way especially when handling their work.

Specific Purpose

The main reason for presenting a speech on this topic is to instill knowledge to the audience to find out ways in which they can criticize other people’s efforts, in a humble way without being disrespectful to them. They should learn that, other people have their own unique ideas that make them unique therefore, they should not undermine then. Instead, they need to how concern in their weak areas of their work and assist them. To handle other people’s work effectively, one need to discover their achievements, where they have doubts and their strengths to share knowledge thus assisting each other to gain experience in the field.


“Have you ever wondered why people with aggressive behaviors get rejected or even mocked? The main secret behind this is because, they take other people’s work for granted. A skilled assessor needs to be keen when going through someone’s work before rejecting it; he should deliver strong reasons as to why he came up with the decision to enhance respectful relationship with the other party. In this speech, we focus on how to be less condescending when criticizing other people’s work. The main points to consider supporting this topic include; the tips to adopt when giving advice and the benefits achieved when handling other people’s work in an effective manner. Therefore, it is vital to lower our selves despite the status we have to be objective when giving direction and advice to an individual in a manner of molding other than discouraging them.

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In giving a presentation on this topic, I research on the reliable information from the scholarly sources to assist in supporting the points. The audience needs to know about the benefits that come with maintaining positive critics when handling other people’s work to enhance a strong relationship between them.

Ways to Adopt When Offering Advice

In assessing other people’s work, it is essential to note the following ways to offer reliable advice that can assist. Before rejecting an individual’s work, ensure that you give comments that are true about the person’s work and always give advice with permission. When giving ideas to improve on their situation, the other party must agree for your help in order to pay attention while assisting him to benefit from the discussion. Always be honest when accessing their work in a gentle and professional way that will not hurt one’s feelings. One should also avoid judging statements such as “You could have,” instead consider giving the advice that will assist in solving the problem (Stockett, 2011). By doing this, the other party will gain help and appreciate without feeling offended even if he did the wrong thing.

The Benefits of Being Less Condescending

Being less condescending when assessing a person’s work has also its benefits, one tends to develop a close relationship with the people he is assisting. If you assess someone’s work without giving negative critics, the person develops a positive attitude towards you and he comes back for the advice. Both of you get to learn on each other’s strengths and weakness, and you increase on your knowledge when you learn form each other unique and new things. People with less condescending attitude develop compassion towards others, and they feel less superior even if they are because no one is perfect. When we handle other people’s work in an assertive way, other people will respect us and will feel free to share their problems with us.


It is vital to treat others in a humble way when assessing their work as this helps in appreciating their efforts and rectifying their weak areas. Through this, we learn from each other and help to build on our knowledge and treat each other in a compassionate manner. Being less condescending helps the both parties and the person assisting earns respect from others thus enhancing a strong relationship.”


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