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Human beings are endowed with different attributes that enhance their daily life. As a result, people from different cultures and cultural orientation hold dear to some attributes that make their life better. Subsequently, such people have their best attributes as well as retrogressive ones, hence the importance of collaboration with people across the globe. It is in this regard that the paper seeks to promote the adage that travelling makes people gain more information and skills in life. It is particularly true that travel broadens mind hence the importance of tourism. There is an African saying that "he who does not travel thinks that his mother is the only one who cooks well" and I agree with it.

Think about it if one only stayed at his or her home how on earth such a person will not know whatever happens in the neighborhood. It would be like living in a cocoon of your own where you think you are the best creature in the world. It is therefore appropriate to say that travelling exposes one to many experiences that are hard to forget. It also reduces chances of stereotyping and labeling since you will have an opportunity to get issues clarified by people you meet with. Travel broadens mind so much in that, the traveler to begin with, meets with different people whom after interaction one gets to learn new ideas that broadens the understanding. Interactions therefore, help to answer questions in one's life for example, why people dress the way they do, why they behave differently and so on. Through this, one realizes that a man is a man and that every lifestyle and people's points of view are appropriate.

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Subsequently, travel and interaction helps one to realize that the problems one encounters are transient because somebody somewhere had such and overcame them. This is a mind-broadening experience because after this realization, one brainstorms on new strategies of trying to solve his or her problems.

People behave differently and include the reason as to why they do so. They also have a different way of living and solutions that aid them to overcome their daily challenges. Through travelling, one gets new insights on how they can have different approaches in overcoming challenges that they face. I recently went to Africa and was amazed on how they apply natural methods to collect water. They would place black polythene papers in a concave shape and end up collecting water as a result of evaporation. They also used rugged clothes to walk on the dew and then extract the water which they would distill and use it for domestic use.

Having been brought up in rural areas, I realized there was so much we were missing when I went to urban centers. We used to think we knew so much regarding the way of living but later came to know we were backward in terms of technology. Use of internet for example, was an effective way of communicating in town, which was given scant concern in rural areas. I also realized people were more aggressive, and wide experienced in many fields that helps to improve one’s chances of survival as opposed in rural areas. Through tourism, I came to understand human interactions can be exceptionally valuable in the sense that people exchange ideas. These ideas are of immense use in the global society we are living in today and make it easier to understand other people’s way of living through an understanding to their culture. This in turn, led to peaceful coexistence with them since one gets accustomed to their culture and taboo, thus respecting them.

In conclusion, we cannot survive and be self sufficient without the support and efforts of others. Most of this knowledge is gained through travelling as opposed to what we read in books since this, are hands on and real experience and exposure. People should therefore, explore new opportunities to meet new places and people in order to have an extensive knowledge on people, environment and skills that might not be sufficient from our own society.


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