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There are several factors that can tell that the United States of America is not drifting away from Europe. That is the points stated below show that America and Europe are still in good terms and are working together as before.

  1. America has invested in the European economy since the times of world war.
  2. The United States has also played a significant role in relieving the war tension in the Europe
  3. The relations between America and Europe led to the initiation of the transatlantic economy
  4. The transatlantic economy has led to the employment of many people from both Europe and America.
  5. The two continents have a common goal that is enhanced by globalization

On the other hand, the end of NATO did not lead to the strengthening of the relationship between the United States and Europe. Instead, it led to a strain between the two continents that is slowly resulting to the end of the long mutual relationship between Europe and America. Recent studies and facts done show that, the two continents are heading for a separation.

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  1. The collapse of the soviet union is a key reason for the drifting apart of the two continents
  2. The difference  in priorities especially in terms of security
  3. The emergence  of the  European Union
  4. The elites of the United States and Europe slowly returning to their original homes
  5. The interaction between Europe and Asia

Summary of the relationship of Europe and the United States

For the past four decades and more the United States of America and the European continent have been working hand in hand in the issues that concern their countries. Much often than not, the two super power continents have been relating closely even from the times of World war. In these times, the union and cooperation of the two continents brought in many benefits not only to their continents, but also to the whole globe. In this regard, United States of America have had a strong relationship with Europe. Nonetheless, today the relationship between the two continents is questionable. This leads to the discussion in this paper. Are the US and Europe Drifting Apart? In attempt to answer this question, this paper will discuss the current state of the relations between America and Europe.

On the other hand, America and Europe began to separate right from 1971. This was when the dollar was unpegging and at the same time, there was the oil crisis in the year 1973. As a result, there were significant changes in the economic status of the United States and its leadership, which became influenced by the power of the American dollar . At this time, Japan got closer to America while Europe shied away and created distance with America. Instead, the European countries stayed close together and became closer than before.


It is normal for business partners to contribute to each other’s pocket. In this context, Europe and America have been contributing to one another. That is while Europe is participating in the making of Americas businesses, the same is done to the European nations by the American counterparts. As a result, the relationship between the Europeans and Americans is increasing economy and business wise. Such is the relationship that has been established in the transatlantic commerce.

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In this relations, foreign trade has played a remarkable role. The Americans have invested in Europe to about 3 million dollars. That is to say, through the relations of America and Europe, the Americans have been able to find promising opportunities to invest and expand their income generating activities. This has thus, affected the value of the American dollar. In addition, the trade relations have been strong in the last ten decades

According to the business analysis in the United States, Europe gained a substantial income from the investments, which it has in the United States. In the year 1990, Europe had obtained about half of the global earnings in America. In addition, up to ¾ of the total foreign investment are sourced from the United States including all the foreign investments drives. Thus, the sales figures were four times higher than to the exports from Germany.

The relationship between the United States and Europe has also led to the availability of employment for many people from the two continents. The majority of the Americans who are in the European countries have obtained employment in the industrialized parts of these nations. Through the intermingling of people from America and the western countries, then both continents have ended up in improving the economy of each other.   

Globalization is one of the main factors that have enhanced the coming together of Europe and the United States of America. Globalization has caused people to shift from their countries of origin to other nations in search for better lives and economy. Thus, many people have shifted a lot from North America to the European countries. Looking at the migration between these two continents is more than any other. As a result, policies of both Europe and America together with the domestic issues are joined together. That is the United States participates in decision making in matters that concern Europe, and likewise for America.

While most of the facts are pointing to the element that the United States and Europe are on a fair level of relations, it is still evident that the relationship between the two continents is going down day by day. In the past, the two continents would consider each other’s opinion in matters that concerned their n nations. For instance, in matters that concerns the security of the Europeans countries in the world war. During this time, America had quick responses towards the request from Europe. However, after the attack in America, all attention in matters of security was turned back to the American land. As a result, this turn of events was not taken well in Europe. Nonetheless, Europe has collected itself to its confidence that the European countries can maintain their peace on their own .

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America suffered a serious attack in the 1997, by terrorist. From this attacks, the European countries expected that America would change its foreign policy to be much less unilateral so that other nations could also participate in restoring its peace an security. At this time, America closed itself and refused to open up to any suggestions that concern the security of America. This attitude was not taken well by the Germans, as it seemed that the Americans were not ready to give an opportunity to other nations to assist in their predicament. This led to a tight atmosphere that immediately affected the relationship between the two continents.

The separation worsened after the collapse of NATO. The relationship between Europe and America had been cemented by NATO. Once NATO fell down due to its own failures, the relationship between the countries of Unites States and Europe dropped down considerably. Thus, it also affected the relations between the Europeans and the Americans.

As the Americans and the Europeans continually picked on their differences, the elites of both sides began migrating back to their land of origin. This meant that, people from the two continents raised an attitude that brought in prejudice. The trade that had been well established in Europe and America slowly took another turn. Europe has since taken its trade to the east, which is to the Asian countries. As a result, Europe relations with the Asian counterparts got more stronger as Europe slowly began losing grounds in America.


In conclusion, America and Europe have had a beneficial relationship in the past. The relationship between America and Europe has brought in a lot of benefits and good to the people from both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Through the mutual relationship between Europe and America, trade was made to be one of the means and ways of improving the economic standards.

Despite the reasons that support the separation of Europe and America, it is true that the relationship between the two continents brought in many benefits. The establishment of the job opportunities in both America and Europe was a good product for this relationship. However, the NATO effect also contributed to the separation process. That is NATO has been known to have a bias towards the people of America. Hence, a good number of the Americans were still supporting it even after it had collapsed.

The drifting apart of the Americans and the Europeans is likely to increase as the security of America is under threat. While the Europeans have been receiving support from the American defense force, it is now turning all its efforts towards protecting its own borders. In this regard, the Europeans are still expecting to be given the same support as they used to receive before, yet America also needs to watch over itself too. Thus, the Europeans have been putting on more pressure on the Americans to keep on sending support as they used to in the past. For this reason, it is feared that this may lead to a disagreement.

Today the Europeans are drifting away from the Americans despite the remaining connections, which they have with the Americans. In as much as it seems that the two continents owe each other, it more evident that the relationship between the two is almost faded off. Today the Europeans are considering the relationship between the two continents as a history that is to be remembered, and that there is nothing for them to advocate for, as the friendship has faded away with time.


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