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Traveling is extremely important in our lives. It helps to improve one’s outlook by seeing new places and meeting different people. For example, when you are going to another country you have an opportunity to see all sights of this or that country. Besides, when you are traveling, you for sure meet a lot of people and see the difference between nationalities. Furthermore, when you get to know the world better, you develop yourself and make your dreams come true.

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Prague has always been my dream. When I first saw the pictures of the city I fell in love with its picturesque places, all those stunning buildings, squares, parks and famous bridges. Sometime later I realized that I wanted to know this city better even though I was not good at Czech. So, Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic.  The city is located on the banks of Vltava river and divided into 22 administrative areas.

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Prague is well known as a cultural centre of Europe. Once you are in Prague, you cannot omit such famous places as Vysegrad, the Prague Castle, Charles Bridge and all bridge Towers, Prague’s Ghetto Josefov, St. Nicolas Church, Powder Tower, Petrin View Tower (Prague’s Eiffel Tower), Loreta, Church of Lady of Victory and, of course, no one can miss Old Town Hall with its amazing  Astronomical Clock.

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St. Augustine said “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page” (Stimbach, 2010). Traveling develops one’s personality and helps to get to know the world better. As for me, I am dreaming to see a world and without doubt, Prague would be the first on my traveling list. I think that the trip would not be so interesting without my friends, and some of them cannot wait to pack suitcases.

Prague is a city where all dreams come true, strict and romantic, sparkling with bright colors and buried in the haze of mist, rich in medieval legends and boiling exciting night life. It is worthy to visit it at least once in your life. 

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