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Actually, falling may be fortunate; people need to fall, or even fail several times, in order to recover or rise. This paper discusses why it is true that people need or must fall in order to rise. To begin with, when a person falls, he is likely to come up with an experience. According to many scholars, the act of falling takes or occurs in many or different forms.

In the story of Dr. Faustus by Christopher Marlowe, we come to learn about Faustus, who come from a humble background and made it in life. When compared to kings or persons in authority, Faustus ranked much lower in status, but his account was and is worth telling. Actually, his story introduces his abilities and wisdom, most notably in academic world, where he excelled so well that he was awarded a doctorate. In this introductory part, we get to learn about the first evidence to the cause of his downfall. In fact, one or the key theme in Faustus is sin. To be precise, throughout his life, Faustus continuously made wrong choices especially when it came to his way of life. His first transgression was voracity. Faustus started his downfall by entering into an agreement with the devil (Johnson,p.21). Faustus was a scholar from German who was known for his achievements. He grew ill of the limits on the knowledge of humanity, which led him to the mystical world. Faustus summoned Mephistophilis, a demon, ordering him to make a deal with Lucifer. The deal had something to do with offering of the soul of Faustus in return for servitude from Mephistophilis. With this decision, we actually see Faustus begin to fill with sin. Faustus actually fed or bred sin with his quest for praise, trickery and power. He became absorbed and totally lost in the way folks looked up to him, believed him as a champion. In the end, he realized his mistakes especially in believing that the power of knowledge would bring him happiness. In fact, on completing his servitude years, Faustus was filled with trepidation and became incredibly apologetic for his past actions. This marked a turning point in his life for the better. It is true one need to fall in order to rise.

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The Faerie Queene, the text does not really bring out the way the poet fell and triumphantly rose. However, when analyzing her historical past it is clear that at point in time she faced many problems. The sad flight to England and the life in the turbulent Ireland must have impacted negatively on her work. The turbulent in Ireland has been used to indicate the hard times the poet went through in confinement due to the unending demonstrations. She risked her life, but still kept determined. Also, the sad flight to England, where she lost her kid impacted negatively on her work performance (Spenser,p.26). In fact, in the Irelands tough political times, the poet seemed as if she was exiled, but that very danger and loneliness gave her the stimulus she needed to develop to her peculiar literary genius. She regrouped her energies upon arrival in the United Kingdom, forgot her dark past, and concentrated on her poetry. With this, she did not only manage to reach the mind of her audience but also won recognition from the queen. As it was indicated earlier, this might have not been the best evidence to support this paper, but by the fact that, it formed part of her encounters, in a way, contributed negatively or positively to her work of art, then it forms a perfect case to support her struggle to success. It is true one need to fall in order to rise.

Before reaching at the height of his career, Ben Jonson an English dramatist, passed through a series of problems. Ben’s account further shows that, his father died when he was young, an infant. This introduction does not actually bring out his passed failure and eventual success (Jonson,pp.2-5). However, it helps to draw some line where he came from. Jonson, nonetheless, found himself in jeopardy and in prison. He had killed one of the actors at Henslowe's company in a fight, fought in Hogsden Fields. The consequent on this incident accounted for the production and release of Every Man. Actually, this was in his absurdity or humor by the competitor company. After all these troubles, he established and introduced the ingenious novelty of the anti-masque. This is something that was described, as an aspect or element of parody that was introduced by Jonson to his work of art, and generally premised to the serious entry into the world of poetry. Accordingly, it offers or provides a gross remedy to the frequently profligately imaginative key idea. As it has been seen, Jonson too went through hard times, which undermined his work but eventually rose up and commanded his poetry to higher recognition. Again, this case is just but one of the different ones available that almost pinned him down, but eventually managed to reposition himself in the field of poetry.

In the Paradise Lost by John Milton, I will argue on the basis of Adam and eve. This two people were created by God and put in the Garden of Eden where plenty was found within their bounty. As it is, the two disrespected Gods command by sinning at the advice of Satan. Though, most people argue that Satan, in this case, is a hero after falling out with God, it is not as strong as the story of Adam (Milton,pp.23-27). Adam was cursed and expelled from the Garden of Eden with nothing. Surprisingly, Adam and Eve managed to come out of the difficult situation to continue the creation of God. In fact, some quarters today argue that, if God came to back today, he will be amazed at what man has done. Therefore, it is good to fall and rise again.

In conclusion, the story of Dr. Faustus by Christopher Marlowe, Faustus ranked much lower in status, but he later came to be hailed in his field of art. Faustus continuously made wrong choices especially when it came to his way of life. In the end, he realized his mistakes especially in believing that the power of knowledge would bring him happiness. The Faerie Queene, also survived many tragedies to eventually emerge. The sad flight to England and the hard life in the Ireland impacted negatively on her work. However, this did not deter him from rising above the odds. Milton’s paradise lost, on the other hand, bring the struggle of man from the tough beginning to emerge and continue with the creation story. It is true that one must fall in order to rise.


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