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Pride represents the difference among different sex orientations by pointing difference between what they actually are and what merely describes them. One should first understand what he/she feels from inside and then decide if he/she is gay, bisexual, lesbians or wants to become a transgender. There should be no second thoughts about what you actually are and what you want to be. These personal characteristics are there to categorize human beings so that they can be identifiable or can be categorically defined as “segment”. Few things that cannot be controlled by human beings must not be associated with the shame or “no price” tag. Pride comes when you accept who you are and what you can do instead of what you cannot do in limitations. Being gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender does not mean that one has a disability. These prides are to fight for the equal treatment under the law for everyone and equitable social behavior. For me pride comes taking my experiences for whoever I am and then learn to be more compassionate, love more freely and to attempt to understand and be understood. Pride comes from what choices we make and everything else is a just an explanation.

The far more important things, that define us, are who we are in terms of attribute. Are we honest and kind? Do we respect our elders and love our young ones? Do we always stand by the truth? Are there things in life which are essential for us but are dangerous to society? These questions are far more important to answer than those like what sex orientation I have (Huegel, 115).

The challenges faced by gays, lesbians, bisexuals and trans-genders are numerous and are intense. One of the main problems faced by them is the religion, churches and mosques continuously condemning them, their behaviors and their lifestyles. There is religious conflict and prejudice. There may be problems in such families where people might have difficulty in parenting. Lesbian parents may find it hard to achieve the equity in their social and parenting life. Medical sciences also do not prove that such family ensures healthy development of a family or a child. There is also a problem of isolation of these members of the society. Lack of information about these categories of society concerns the question of how such couples from function and what constitutes their role in a family and how they solve relationship problems. Social isolation is another problem, which lack role models that undoubtedly affect them. Emotional isolation arises for them when there is an insufficient community support. Lower social hold up from families, fewer resources in the community and stigmatization and legal discrimination makes these challenges intense.

Having said that, there also lies hope for gays, lesbians, trans-genders and bisexuals, which will pour, hopefully, light on their acceptance in the society and make it easy for them. Gay / lesbian / bisexual children should know what to do, how to win hearts of other children in their surroundings. People from these categories should be able to talk openly about their lifestyle with people in their surroundings and families (Lev, 179). Their children can also face problems. As an unconventional family, parents should feel comfortable if these problems still require a discussion with the teacher, who can in their turn talk to children. Teachers are the ones who will interact with them in the school the most (Lev, 314). There has been an increasing rational debate about sex and expressed admiration for his/her: attitude in the orientation, which is also important. Well, to encourage bisexuals, lesbians, gays and transsexuals, local, state, and federal regulations should be designed to cater to their needs and help them assimilate in the society.


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