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I completely agree with the assessment of Gottman that the key success factor in the relationship development and improvement is the concentration on these relations rather than concentration on claims and looking for the disadvantages of the husband or wife. Gottman declares that in majority of family relations cases there is a need of changing only one aspect in order to reach the consensus of being happy.

My personal approach towards love lab video implies the positive feelings due to the fact that couple, which is being investigated, feels happy and understanding own feelings. One more positive aspect which I have found for me is that one of the questions implies the reminding of the relationships beginning- the fact which is very important for all the couples and which is reminded with the great pleasure and emotions towards the beloved person. After such memoirs couple feels the positive attitude towards each other and that issue may be considered as the first step of the relationships improvement.

To my opinion the key formula for the successful relationship is love and respect towards each other. In the case when someone is tending to outline the key disadvantages of the beloved person, such relations are initially condemned to failure.


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