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In the essay “ How It Feels to Be Colored Me”, Hurston shows her view about being discrimination and self-pride of her identity. At the beginning, she tells us her background that she is Negro and lived in the little Negro town of Eatonville, Florida. She uses her experiences to explain the feeling of being colored. When she was thirteen and left Eatonville. She became colored in the school in Jacksonville. However, Hurston has a good perspective that she has no race “I’m not tragically colored.”, “At certain times I have no race, I am me.” “I have no separate feeling about being an American citizen.” Those sentences show that she has the strong belief and self-pride. She shows us how proud she is about being a girl of color in a world full of discrimination against black people.

For me, I have ever being discrimination in my life. I didn’t have that strong feeling like Hurston to be colored. Perhaps I’m not American that include a different race. My home country is in Hong Kong as the history didn’t exist of slavery, segregation and discrimination like white people and black people. However, I believed that every one should have their own regions and nation in the countries. For example, Hong Kong is one of the part of China but there is between native people and people who is immigrant from China. When I was in High School, some students were immigrant and sent to my school. They didn’t speak Cantonese as well and always belong to colored students. There was discrimination between Hong Kong and China even Hong Kong is part of them. Like me, I didn’t want to play with the immigrant as they have different cultures and behavior that I always considered them to be colored. Thus, I had not have a best friend who come from China not Hong Kong. After I came to U city except Hone Kong. After I came to Untied States, I met my first roommate at homestay. I have been there for 2 years and have met a lot of students who come from China. My first roommate, Sylivia who is Chinese but speaks mandarin. I didn’t speak mandarin well but I still need to talk with her. When I met her at the first time, I didn’t expect she will be my best friend as she is the part of north in China. I didn’t think we have a similar habit and topic can talk to each other. But now, she is my best friend in DVC, we can share happiness, sadness, whatever happens we talk to each other. I didn’t know why we can be such a best friend. After I have read the essay, I fund the answer. At the end of the essay, she use the metaphor of a “Brown bag of miscellany propped against a wall” in the company of “other bags of red, white and yellow”. Each bag represents each and every component of the society as we know it, multiracial and multicultural- a variety of colors. Race, to Zora, is an aspect of her that does not make her different but aware of racial diversities.. The great moral of How It Feels To Be Colored Me is how one cannot elevate race, but elevate oneself by keeping a high level of self-esteem and love for who one is. Hurston’s essay serves as mirror to her rebelling against the racial boxes of her time, boxes that were and are not only inaccurate, but kept every one- regardless of color- from being fully human.

Thus, everyone have the own characteristic no matter each race. There are no discrimination between blacks and whites, or each the part of China. No matter the color of the bag, the inside is important to know who I am. Back to my experience, Sylivia can be my best friend because we have similar habits. Just like she is another color of the bag, but I just aware the inside that is the reality of human being, no other race differences, discrimination and be colored.


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