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Bullying refers to aggressive and forceful behavior that is intentionally directed towards another person or persons. It usually takes the form of physical or emotional harassment and aggravation. I have been bullied once by a group of my classmates when I was in a grammar school. This took place when I was a fifth grade student. The bullying was based on age and racial differences. In my view, the type of bullying I experienced was cruel and very aggressive. It involved excessive use of coercion due to imbalance of strength and power that existed between me and my friends. It entailed both verbal abuse and physical beating and harassment. It is a hostile behavior that I would never encourage its practice.

When I was bullied, I responded by resisting the beatings. I tried to fight back and defend myself. Interestingly, when their power exceeded me, I opted to run away. I felt that I could not be able to continue suffering hard hits and bodily harms. After the bullying, I was emotionally disturbed and suffered from anxiety, fear, physical pains and minor injuries. I viewed myself as a weak and worthless person and felt intimidated. I did not want to go to school the following morning because I was afraid of further bullying. Additionally, I did not feel free to interact with people who are not of my age, race or social class. I often felt that they would turn against me and bully me again. I always felt resentful deep inside my heart and at one point of time, I thought of committing suicide.

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I had once bullied someone unintentionally. I did not intend to do it and I was not aware when I was bullying him. I ordered and forced him to wash my dirty school uniforms, iron them and place them in my wardrobe. I would slightly hit him repeated at the face whenever he would complain about this filthy task. At first, I did not understand why I bullied him, but later on I learnt that it was more of a revenge of the past experience that I had once. I felt that I should bully somebody too so that I felt the same way those who bullied me. The person I bullied tried to defend himself just I did when I have been bullied. However, I was much older and powerful than him and thus exceeded him with power. He later on reported to the school administrator and I was seriously punished. After the punishment by the school administrator, I was sent home to bring my parents. To make the matters worse, my parents also punished me and condemned my irrational and hostile behavior. They threatened of not paying my school fees if I would ever bully another student, or any other person again. Since then, I swore to myself that I would never bully again because the consequences of my act were too harsh for me to bear.

In my opinion, bullying is an evil act that should be stopped and highly condemned. It usually affects social abilities of an individual. If it occurs to students, they get traumatized and their performance at school may be affected drastically. Bullying divides us along racial, religious, tribal, skin-color and social status lines. It is a disgrace to humanity. It is one of the most cruel and discriminative experiences that a person would ever wish to undergo. It results into emotional and physical torture. Any verbal or emotional abuse or physical harassment add up to bullying. Usually, a bullied person will feel relentless and may isolate him/herself from others in social settings. It often occurs amongst peers who have slight differences in ages.

In conclusion, bullying is a vice that should be stopped. It usually makes the victims feel lonely, depressed, unhappy and terrified. Long-term effects of bullying may include low self-esteem, health problems, poor grades among school students and increased risks of committing suicide. To prevent repetition of bullying behaviors, there is a need for intervention by close friends, relatives, family members and respective authorities. This would rescue the victims from harsh treatments by offenders.


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