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In my opinion, all the other animals should receive equal treatment just like human beings are treated. Although some philosophers argue that non-human animals do not have duties and responsibilities and that they cannot make just choices as their human counterparts and thus should not have moral rights, I think this is unfair and unjust. The other animals should not be oppressed based on their natural paucity and deficiency. These animals also deserve to live according to their own nature without being harmed, mistreated and without being handled with cruelty or be exploited. Their lives should be fully liberated. They have feelings and senses too.

Animal Rights Movements and Watchdogs should strive and advocate for animal rights. Laws governing use, treatment and handing of animals should be formulated at international level, be implemented, strengthened and strictly observed. Anybody who violates such laws should be penalized heavily.

All animals should be viewed as people even though they are non-human. Tom Regan asserts that animals should not be used as food, research objects or for entertainment. All human beings should exercise ethical and moral practices towards animals. They should also be held responsible for any harm or injury caused to animals unintentionally or intentionally through reckless behaviors and misconducts.

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According to Peter Singer, human acts towards the other animals should show evidence of utilitarianism, that is the rightfulness of an act is based on its consequences (Singer & Regan, 1989). He further asserts that maximizing animal pleasure and minimizing their pain should be the ultimate goal and foundation that define and guide our courses of actions towards the other animals. Accordingly, equity and equal considerations of animals’ interests is paramount.

In my view, therefore, all animals whether human or non-human, should be treated with humanity and be accorded adequate deliberations, kindness and thoughtfulness. All animals should be treated alike irrespective of their state of being humans or not. It is important to note that for the other animals to live well and accordingly, their welfare solely depends on our understanding, care and humane actions that aim at improving their lives.

Nations across the globe should pass legislations that protect animals. There should be well laid rules and laws that govern the killing of animals for food, especially in slaughterhouses. Violators of theses laws should be heavily fined. Animal rights activists should form animal protection movements that target safeguarding of animals, for example, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA). They should carry out anti-hunting campaigns to bar hunters from discriminative killing of animals for no solid reasons. Bullfights, beating of horses, sporting with animals and cockfights are the examples of mistreatments to animals that should be stopped.

Additionally, every living creature, whether human or non-human, has a right to life. This right supersedes all other rights. The other animals too have moral worth and purposes in the lives of human beings. It is, therefore, the sole duty of human beings to bolster and espouse happiness and equality among all animals. People should be ashamed of their immorality against the other animals. The other animals, just like human beings, should receive medical attention and treatments he whenever they are sick. It is for this reason that RSPCA started various animals’ hospitals across the world.

However, it is important that animals can be used as human food and for other purposes on the grounds that they are not caused unnecessary sufferings and pains. Extreme cruelty towards animals should be discouraged by all means. Over exploitation of animals and hunting of animals to near extinction and disappearance implies that future generation will not have the pleasure to enjoy diversity in animal species.


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