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It is with great interest that I am writing to you over the above mentioned issues which has severely hit our nation in the recent past. First of all, the word unemployment is herby used to refer to a situation in which a person who is willing and able to be employed does not get any employment opportunity or work at the current wage rates. For a person to be classified as unemployed, he or she must be willing and ready to take a job opportunity whenever it arises. Such a person must be continuously looking for or actively seeking employment opportunities.

I would like to bring to your attention that a great percentage of America’s population has been hit by high unemployment rates. Moreover, the American youth are the worst hit. In my view, the youths are suffering from structural unemployment. This is a form of unemployment in which workers lack the necessary skills required by employers. Structural unemployment may be due to geographical barriers. A person might not be able to move from one location, State or country to another.

Moreover, the youth may also remain unemployment voluntarily. This is implies that they intentionally decide not to take up job opportunities due either personal reasons or factors relating to the job such as strict recruitment requirements. Statistics from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that unemployment rates were high among the youth than other groups. Unemployment rates stood at 54.6 percent for youth aged between 16-25 years and 13.3 for adults aged above 30 years. Furthermore, unemployment is worse among black males. This shows that there is racial discrimination in the labor market. Past records show that nearly four million youths were jobless in July 2011. The issue of unemployment among the youth needs immediate address because it may result into various social and economic evils in the society. For example, the youth may become excessively idle and hence get involved in non-productive activities such drug trafficking and other crimes.

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In my opinion, an increase in the number of employed results into increased productivity, and consequently increase in economic growth and development as well as gross domestic product (GDP). Unemployment amongst the youth can be measured by Labor Force Surveys. This entails interviewing youths and asking them whether they are out of work voluntarily or they are actively seeking work. By doing so, the State will be able to obtain accurate and reliable data on unemployment rates among the youth. I would urge the federal government to carry out regular surveys to determine the level of unemployment amongst the youth. Accordingly, data on unemployment rates can be used in formulation and implementation of suitable policies that will aid efforts to reduce unemployment among the youth.

Suggested Courses of Action to Be Taken

I would suggest that the government should arouse the economy and help in creating more jobs. The government can use its federal reserve and adopt expansionary monetary policies to encourage and support economic activities in the country. However, if monetary policy does not work effectively, fiscal policies can be adopted. The government can also create jobs for the youth by recruiting more youths to work in public projects. It can also stimulate demand and hence indirectly create of jobs. This can be done through removal of bureaucracies in its procurement systems, hence allowing youth entrepreneurs to access government markets.

Additionally, the government can provide fringe benefits to youths who have families but do not have jobs. This will provide an aid to the jobless youths with families until they find jobs. However, caution should be taken so that such aids do not hinder youths from looking for jobs. Last but not least, the government can create incentives to encourage youths to start their own businesses, for example, through reduced licensing fees to youth entrepreneurs. Moreover, low levels of education also contributed to high levels of unemployment among youths. The government should make basic education accessible to people.

Possible Benefits of the Above Proposals

In my opinion, the above proposals would help increase employment among the youth. When youth are employed, either through self-employment, part-time jobs or low-paying entry jobs, they will be able to earn money for domestic sustainability. They will also be able to gain knowledge and expertise that would be required by future employers. Employment of the youth will also help in increasing gross domestic product. It will also help in tapping the creativity and innovations of the youth. Generally, the youth are the most productive people in the society, and thus productivity is expected to shoot up when they get employments. They are energetic and creative individuals.

Yours faithfully,


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