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Primark, or Penneys (in Ireland), is a supplementary of Associated British Foods, and as it is recognized in Ireland, it has turned into a tremendously admired retailer. It seems that Primark does not hinge on any marketing in any way. It started as a minor chain and has taken Dublin, Ireland as it headquarters. It has currently developed almost 200 stores in Ireland, UK and Spain. It is deemed to be Britain’s second leading garments vendor. In my opinion, it has turned into an enormously booming business for two major reasons. The foremost one is the competitive prices and the other is the marketplace. The company is always planning to proffer challenging prices and typical market product value, thus crediting its achievements partially to the off-the-peg locations of their stores. Primark Ltd. was able to attain several awards, and one of them was the Preeminent Store in Oxford Street, London back in 2007, in addition to Value Retailer, in 2007, and a variety of further Retailer of the Year prizes. Primark’s modes were accustomed to be relatively tedious and dull, however at present the stores’ trend variety is improved to a great extent, with most of its clothes hardly dissimilar to those in expensive stores. I personally admire the value and durability of Primark’s quality garments.

Primark products vary from men’s and women’s wear to a massive selection of children’s wear and footwear, and also it encompasses accessories, home-ware and a variety of lingerie.

You can come across the following sectors on the first level:

  • Lady’s clothes
  • Jewellery
  • Underwear and lingerie
  • Hand bags
  • Night clothes
  • Men’s clothes

Whereas on the ground base you can find:

  • Children’s and infant clothing
  • Footwear
  • Home furnishing

In Primark:

  • workers comprise equal prospect according to value and qualifications;
  • providers are fairly perceived;
  • home surroundings are cherished and valued by Primark;
  • the business is serious when conducting its social accountabilities.

Furthermore, Primark Ltd. is in a constant search for efficient managing and diminution of carbon discharges. Consequently, they have worked hard with the Carbon Trust to establish a durable carbon policy for their firm; their preliminary objective is to lessen the clear CO2 emissions in the UK by 10% (proportionate to sales) by the year 2013.

Zara Retailer Review

Zara is a vast Spanish garments and accessories retailer namely situated in Arteixo, Galicia, and established in 1975 by Amancio Ortega and Rosalía Mera. It is the focal sequence store of the Inditex group; the fashion assemblage also embraces popular trade names such as Massimo Duty and Bershka.

It deems that Zara requires only two weeks for growing and introducing a novel product to its chains, measured up to the six-month production standard, and initiates roughly 10,000 original designs every season. Zara has stood firm against the notion of allocating rapid fashion creation to low-priced regions. Its mainly remarkable stratagem was its strategy of zero publicity; instead, the firm has chosen to endow a proportion of profits via venturing into additional stores. This has broadly boosted the Zara’s image of a "fashion impersonator" business and low-priced products. The philosophy of trivial marketing finds itself also in difference to straight rivals, such as United Colors of Benetton.

Zara was portrayed by Louis Vuitton Fashion Executive Daniel Pipette, as probably the world’s most inventive and overwhelming vendor. Furthermore, Zara has been also depicted by the CNN as a Spanish sensation story. Zara is known to be an upright incorporated merchant. Dissimilar to parallel clothing retailers, Zara has power over the majority of the endeavours in the supply-chain, scheming, producing, and allocating its merchandise. Zara established its own industrial unit in La Corunna back in the year 1980, and in 1990 it promoted the system of having its products from different suppliers or a direct supplier annually to a philosophy of containing its own retail manufacturing hub. This method, modeled by Toyota Motor Corp., was termed as the just-in-time (JIT) method. It allowed the firm to arrange a business representation to global stores in just 5-6 days, which permits self-control during the phases of materials fabrication, product end and allocation. Zara possess the ability to put forward significantly more products than any comparable business. It manufactures more than 11,000 different articles yearly, compared to 2,000 to 4,000 items of its chief market rivals.

T.K. Maxx Review

T.K. Maxx is a major retailer with chains all over the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, and Poland. It is a part of the TJX Companies, which are also the owners of other ‘reduced-cost’ vend stores, such as T.J. Maxx and Winners in the United States and Canada respectively. The company provides label clothing, footwear, bed linen, furnishings, cosmetics, and house merchandise at under a 60% off their suggested retail cost.

Towards the closing stages of 2009, T.K. Maxx controlled 263 chains in Europe, and intended to open 48 additional stores in 2010.TK Maxx represents a part of TJX Europe, run by Paul Sweetenham as Senior Director Vice President. TJX Europe is divided into four parts: TK Maxx of UK & Ireland, run by Doug Mizzi, TK Maxx of Deutschland, run by Gino Barrera, and HomeSense of United Kingdom, operated by Louise Koser.

This store provides mark products at reasonable prices. Not being pinpointed anywhere on the prime business streets, it raises an enquiry of the public on whether it has any familiarity to the trade names’ common price or not; a further aspect yet to be observed.

In 2007, T.K. Maxx UK was a business companion of Comic Relief, and the exclusive seller of the Red Nose Day tops, which produced more than £2 million for the CR foundation. In 2009, T.K. Maxx retained its status as the exclusive trader of the Red Nose Day t-shirts along with the selected designs by Stella McCartney, thus collecting a sum of £3,200,589.


  1. Sufficient pay - roughly minimum gross level.
  2. General incentives and increments on an annual basis, associated with the surge in inflation.


  1. Extremely difficult to work in environment with a shortage of staff numbers.  
  2. Employees are anticipated to cover significant areas of the workflow.

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