Free «Disruptive or Nontraditional Use of the Internet» Essay Sample

The activities listed in the section below are some of the violated rules on the Internet. However, others unlisted here options may also refer to the violated rules if they are irresponsible, illegal, or disruptive uses. Abuses of network and system resources, activities that negatively affect the Internet users to the Internet or access services are prohibited. They include, although not limiting to: denial of service attack against on other network host to consume large volumes of storage space and CPU time, providing private passwords and other security related data to others.

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Improper Conduct

These include impersonation or forgery, posting of and private and defamation data about individuals without their consent. The violation of copyrights, trademarks, or other private property rights is a nontraditional use of the Internet which is prohibited.

Other Improper Conduct includes the malicious infliction of emotional distress through the use of services or the Internet, which  is a breach of the Internet rules. Threats destruction of property or bodily harm is also prohibited, no matter whether they constitute crimes or not. Every user should be reserved in the right to get rid of any data that are considered to be obscene, in its sole discretion, lewd, excessively violent, filthy or otherwise objectionable.


Prohibited Matters refer to using the Internet to traffic in obscene substance, dealing drugs, and participating in any activities with matters that are declared illegal under state law or federal is prohibited.

Prohibited Conduct is a conduct that constitutes fraud, stalking, harassment, abuse or infringement of federal restrictions linked with the Internet use or is prohibited. Using the Internet to implore the performance of an illegal activity is considered illegal, even if the action itself is not reached. In addition, consciously downloading or receiving a file that might not be legally distributed is prohibited.


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