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A school uniform refers to an outfit that students wear in schools and on educational trips. Secondary and primary schools across the world require all students to wear uniforms during school days. In many countries, it is compulsory for students to wear school uniforms when in school. Whether it should be compulsory or optional for students to be in school uniforms when in school or on educational trips, is a debatable topic in America. It is necessary for students to wear school uniforms because of various reasons, which include safety, neater clothing, and lessening distractions.

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School uniforms promote safety in the school environment, because the school authority figures can easily distinguish students from other people. Therefore, an outsider will find it hard to intrude into the school premises undetected. Teachers can also be able to distinguish students while on an educational trip. Insecurity issues may disturb the students psychologically, which will interfere with their academics negatively.

School clothing also promotes neatness among students when in school or on field trips. If enforced, the rules will ensure that all students are neat, which will reduce occasions of teasing appearance based on clothing. Neat students tend to be organized even in their academics, because they will show the seriousness in all academic tasks.

School uniforms lessen distractions in the school environment. Some clothing, like the comedic shirts and the revealing skirts, may be a source of distraction of other students. Distractions have a close relationship with poor academic performance, because students may not concentrate on their studies.

Therefore, it is crucial for students to wear school uniforms in school because of the many benefits that students experience in school. Apparently, wearing school uniforms enhances high academic performance in a number of ways, including promoting security, lessening distractions and enhancing seriousness in the school environment.


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